CCI @MN Ambani’s IMT

Hello World,

There is hardly any sphere in India and any aspect in any Indian’s life that MN Ambani and his Reliance Industries Limited are not involved directly or indirectly. It can be said that two Big Brothers are ruling India. The elder one is Narendra Modi who is de jure prime minister and the younger one is Mukesh Nita Ambani who is the de facto prime minister of India. Howsoever Narendra Modi tries to shrug off and dump MN Ambani he can not. How? NaMo was CMOGujarat but there MN Ambani’s brother in law Saurabh Patel was there to provide pen drives of policies. Every minute move was not beyond MN Ambani’s eyes.NaMo is now PMOIndia but the clout of MN Ambani is here there and everywhere in New Delhi. From Pranab Mukerji to a peon in any office ,it is difficult to identify a person who has not worked for this unscrupulous industrialist.

I felt so because the way the mergers and acquisitions were affected and okayed before and at the time of take over of TV 18 and NW 18 by Independent Media Trust, a subsidiary (sic) of RIL went through almost unopposed. At least it seems so to me. There was an uproar in media circles about it . That was like birds and deers getting hither and thither on the arrival of a tiger or a lion. Those who shouted the most were probably butter and cheese winners in the past from Antilian Ambani. Truth, courage ,difference, freedom of speech and expression, law ,justice,democracy are dictionary words having no meaning whatsoever when there is any issue pertaining this Amichand or Jaychand of contemporary India.

All news papers are so weary and fearful that they avoid to publish anything pertaining to MN Ambani or Antilian children. Yes they will publish RIL press releases, paid news, articles by Parimal Nathwani on Dhirubhai Ambani equating him with none other than Mahatma Gandhi! No editor or subeditor or reporter will dare to amend any spelling mistake in such a release by RIL. Why ?
They are all afraid of defamation cases by Mukesh Nita Ambani. RIL is believed to have hired all senior advocates in India who are said to be on RIL @ MN Ambani’s permanent pay roll! I will be surprised to find any judicial officer (who has preferred judicial service to private practice) from district to supreme court level who can file an affidavit of having not enjoyed overt or covert relationship with RIL and Antilian Ambani. All TV anchors and channels know this very well. Except goody-goody news bite and a soft PR interviews they will prefer to be Mahatma Gandhi’s Living Monkeys! Old lady at Boribunder will not hesitate to flash a front page story about spa, gym, garage, laundry room, ball room, kitchen and helipad penned by an authoress having success label of none other than Penguin! Truth,nothing but truth prevails in Mumbai’s Wall Street and Fleet Street. Truth means Big Brothers of India.

I tried to google Independent Media Trust. i tried with government websites. i yahooed also.i tried search engines of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I tried to know from editors, sub-editors who prevails over social media. My all efforts were stonewalled! i know about China’s Firewall. So I could guess the situation.

As last resort I tried I read The Competition Act 2002,No.12 of 2003, The Competition ( Amendment ) Act,2007. I searched archives. I did not get any thing. then I thought that now this is NaMo @PMOIndia’s e governance which is in near future likely to be digital also.With all hopes I sent online application, its rejoinder and at last a reminder. Till now no reply is the best reply!

I submit what I sent to CCI by e mail. It is a simple copy and paste .
I quote,
“Independent Media Trust
Aug 17

Ms. Smita Jhingran, IRS
Competition Commission of India
The Hindustan Times House
18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi – 110 001
Tel. : + 91 – 11 – 23704651
Fax : + 91 – 11 – 23704652

Dear madam,

i happen to be a stakeholder in RIL, Reliance Industries Limited

i also happen to be one of the persons affected and yet not compensated by RGTIL, one of the piggy companies of RIL.i have understood from my sources in the USA that RIL has failed to come clean in its relationship with investors. The paid writers mislead the news papers in India & UK . i have requested the agent and agency to issue clarifications and I am waiting for reply. i am sure that I will not get any reply.

i am sure RIL must have played dirty tricks and mislead Competition Commission of India in its successful bid to acquire TV18 and NW18.RIL has gagged my press notes regarding the plight of RGTIL Affected Agriculturists in South Gujarat by its dubious and equally corrupt methods. I need all the papers to contest the take over of these media companies by Independent Media Trust and few other piggy companies of RIL.

Please advise me and manage to send the objections raised by any one at the time of the impugned takeover and CCI’s deliberations to dispose of them. Please send the copy of the so called final order, thus, giving a “clean chit” issued by CCI so as to facilitate RIL to preempt any news or television broadcast or stories on Internet which would eventually be counterview that could be contrary to interests of RIL.

Please refer to my following blog links to comprehend the gravity and seriousness of issues involved.
Run , Mukesh- Nita Ambani Run and Run for Ever……. Oh! Our Mukesh_Nita Ambani is far behind Warren Buffett. Buffett lives in a simple house. He does not have a…
View on desaibankim.wordpres…
Preview by Yahoo
•…-of-corruption valid- for -1001- Days.
i invite you to follow me on
Twitter ; @vasanji Bankimchandra Desai
Facebook: Bankimchandra Desai

I will not be accessible by post or courier till December15,2014 .
Please send reply by e mail.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Dr.Bankimchandra M.Desai

Independent Media Trust (2)
Aug 18
Dear madam,
RIL has successfully taken you all at CCI on a ride.
Please check the credentials of Independent Media Trust which is not independent, media is not media but business and trust is not trust but contrary to it in all manners. Reported induction of Dipak Parekh on its board ,if true ,raises doubts about DP’s credentials.
Is/was RGTIL registered with your office? When it was convenient it was offloaded by Mukesh Nita Ambani withoit single paise’s benefit to RIL shareholders. It is no more a RIL company, I suspect with valid reasons that expenses incurred on any issues pertaining to RGTIL are debited to RIL’s accounts and uge profits earned cue to RGTIL operations are credited to Mukesh Nita Ambani’s private account.
Please refer to my recent blog which dwells in detail on modus operandi of RIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani. That will help you to understand where you all at CCI stand vis a vis IMT ,RIL,TV18 and NTW 18.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Dr.Bankimchandra M.Desai

‎Attention : Time for reply is over
Aug 25 at 4:39 PM
Dear Madam,
I have not heard anything from you regarding my letters about Independent Media Trust. i wonder why CCI fails to give me primary information which should be readily available to you all by a click of any computer at CCI.”

I unquote.

I gave a week’s time on August 25,2014 and informed CCI my intention to go online .

Meanwhile i read a brief news item in a Gujarati daily,Sandesh published from Surat, Gujarat,India regarding deliberations by CCI regarding the merger of Sun Pharma and Ranbaxy. I sent Tweets @suchetadalal @sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep regarding applicability of Section 29 (2) to declare take over of TV18 and NW 18 by IMT @ RIL null and void. i did not get any reply.It is obvious . They will not reply in future also.
I googled CCI today and found the following press release. I searched all CCi windows but no trace of what I wanted was there.

I quote,
“Press Release dated 04.09.2014
CCI invites comments from public in respect of proposed merger between Sun Pharma and Ranbaxy
On 06.05.2014, the Competition Commission of India received a notice from Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited (Sun Pharma) and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy) in relation to the merger of Ranbaxy into Sun Pharma.

In terms of Section 29(2) of the Competition Act, 2002 (Act), the Commission formed a prima facie opinion that the combination is likely to have an appreciable adverse effect on competition and accordingly directed Sun Pharma and Ranbaxy (Parties) to publish details of the combination within ten working days for bringing the combination to the knowledge or information of the public and persons affected or likely to be affected by such combination.

The parties are required to publish the details of the combination in All India editions of four leading daily newspapers, including at least two business newspapers, and also host the same on their respective websites. The said details are also available on the website of the Commission (

As per the provisions of Section 29(3) of the Act, the Commission invites comments/objections/ suggestions in writing, from any person(s) adversely affected or likely to be affected by the combination, to be addressed to the Secretary, Competition Commission of India, the Hindustan Times House, 7th Floor, 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001, within fifteen working days from the date of publication.”

I unquote.

My questions are as following :
1..Why should CCI not initiate rectification of its order okaying the impugned take over ?
2.Why should Ministry of Law and Justice as well as Ministry of Corporate Affairs declare ,suo moto,the impugned deal between IMT @RIL and TV18 as well as NW18 ?


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