Will NaMo Dare?

Counterview :
Arun Jaitley did not utter a word about retrieval of Black Money in /within India. More than 60% of Indian Rupees printed and made available in circulation are in Black Money.
Before embarking upon amendment of Land Acquisition Act there should be a public debate on abolition or lowering of Capital Gain Tax so as to make all sales and purchases of agricultural and nonagricultural lands as well as all properties transparent . Total transaction made through/by cheque should be encouraged. There should be no penalty for disclosure of any amount of black money gathered in the past twenty five years. Income Tax Act, Money Laundering Act, Registration Act, Transfer of Property Act and all other relevant acts should be amended accordingly. This will automatically increase capital flow in/within India.
There will not be any need for any foreign capital to be invested in India. Instead of moving from country to country with a smiling face and a beggar’s bowl, He should take these bold steps and utilize the opportunity of having a clear majority in Lok Sabha. Those politicians or political parties with whom he has ganged up for remaining unaccountable on election expenses and incomes accrued by all means should not oppose his move in right direction.
Will NaMo @PMOIndia dare to be bold?

Steps on insurance, land Act, GST to spur growth, says FM


Suggests GDP growth rate in remaining quarters of this year may be much higher than 5.7% of…

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