Serious NaMo@PMOIndia

NaMo @PMOIndia is very serious about :
1. Defense priorities
2. Border roads priorities
3. Facilities of armed forces stationed in
4. Building up BJP in Jammu and Kashmir
5. Fulfilling requirements of Navy and Air Force
6. Acquiring self sufficiency in defense research and production
7. Winning over neighboures
8. Reaching America and impress all in a grand manner
9. Continuous media projection of his image (seems to be paid)
10. Continuous media projection of negative sides of Sonia Gandhi ,Rahul Gandhi (seems to be paid)
11. Avoiding hostile media
12. Stonewalling RTI applications
13. Installation of pliable judges everywhere
14. Hooting and booting of chief ministers of opposition parties and few select leaders of BJP
15. Downgrading and demeaning of most of BJP leaders
16. Protecting and enhancing interests of unscrupulous elements like :
A. Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL
B. Robert Vadra
C. Corrupt medical mafia of AIIMS & clout of Dr.Ketan Desai
D. Advancing agenda of power corrupt Nadda, Dr.Harsh Vardhan, Saurabh Patel,Parimal Nathwani,
certain PSU banks’ chairpersons, SMC corporator Kishor Bindal, Diamond traders involved in
land grabbing, Afzal Fatta
17.Changing all laws and regulations which inhibit progress of doubtful companies like RIL, Adani,
Essar and othe Indian and foreign companies.

Exclusive! ‘Modi has taken his job seriously in letter and spirit’

‘Modi as the PM of the country has to take everybody on board and deliver on good governance. That is his responsibility. In…

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