Congressmukt India via Congressyukt BJP

Sadanand Dhume wrote about the last Gandhi ,Rahul Gandhi and wasted the space given to him by Foreign Policy. Instead of edited compiling of works by others he could have come with concrete suggestions based on his ‘in depth’ study of India’s politics and family of Nehru-Gandhi. Congress though adopted leftist policies at Awadi Congress,very few leaders were real socialist or leftist. Most of them were/are hypocrites whose dual life was/is known to every Indian. With exception of a very few select congresspersons they were/are rightists in nutshell. Except the colour of the flag and names of leaders what is the difference between members of Congress and BJP? For them honesty ,integrity, transparency, simplicity, nationalism, patriotism are words meant for text books read by none. NaMo @CMOGujarat read through this and with all the risks of a vertical split in BJP, he spearheaded Aurangzeb Type Snatch the Power revolt against his principal mentor L.K .Advani. In Sultanat e Mughalia, father Shahjehan vanquished in prison, in Sultanate e Bhajapiya the godfather seats in Lok Sabha ! there was no split, vertical or horizontal, in BJP. NaMo’s stint @CMOGujarat started making CongressyuktBJP. It was a clever albeit unethical move in the wake of his crusade against Corrupt Congress. For him and his right & left hand, Amit Shah,Congress was/is corrupt, not the Congresspersons howsoever corrupt and criminal may be. Instead of making Bharatiya Janata Congress, LH duo of BJP made Congressyukt BJP.

Fate of Congress is certain. What Nehru did at Awadi to break socialist and communist parties ,NaMo preferred/prefer hijacking prominent Congresspersons (with or without corrupt and criminal history) to adopting politiconomical philosophy of Congress. INC has as such no such philosophy. Nehru-Gandhi word is all that congress and congresspersons have to offer. In reality,Nehru-Gandhi family has nothing but Ahmed Patel !

BJP and LH of BJP must thank Ahmed Patel for systematic destruction of opposite party.

After the complete rout in the forth coming assembly elections, LH will have to undertake ‘the great purge’ or ‘purification’ or ‘shudhdhikaran’ by making Congressmukt BJP.

Congressmukt BJP will have BJP free from original BJPites who won as MPs,MLAs due to NaMo Tsunami or in the name of NaMo.

After NaMo? Narendra modi has no family to foster , India and Indians constitute his only family.

All should help him in fastening the BJP belt through out India. Be a watchdog for him and against him. If we fail, we are sure to get finished as a nation.

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