Mission Kashmir Possible

It is true that people of Jammu and Kashmir are fed up with previous corrupt governments. Main players in the valley are National Conference, PDP, Congress and break away sections three parties. The money granted every year by central government has percolated mainly to leaders, bureaucrats and separatists .The insurgents, separatists, military on both sides of LAC/LOC, intelligence agencies ,contractors, local politicians have special interest to keep problem of Jammu and Kashmir militancy evergreen. Select politicians in New Delhi are interested and connected with this strategy. Pakistan High Commission is a place for logistic support of militants and separatists.
This Economics of Insurgency is well known and above statements ,though general, are not away from facts and truth.
BJP Chief Amit Shah’s strategy is full proof but he has missed the economics involved during 1947 to 2014. Central government has till now not bothered to check the bank accounts, transactions ,properties in J & K as well as elsewhere in India and abroad. Almost all known players have properties not in proportion of their incomes and profession. They should not be booked lest they say that they are made scapegoats. They should be exposed thoroughly. Narendra Modi’s election speeches were projected on screen. Likewise the details with photographs , video clips, audio tapes should used and projected in public to expose these leaders . That will make every leader nervous and they will be on defensive. Their majority of time will go in explanations. National media should help in such exposures.
The moment these elements are exposed their supporters in Pakistan specially ISI, police and politicians in POK – Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will provoke our forces and on failure they will start cross border infiltration and firing on larger scale. They will do it. That is very certain, because, a pliable corrupt government/s at New Delhi and /or Shrinagar is/are their prime need for survival of the issue.
BJP government when installed at Shrinagar can complete the legislative part of Article 370. No one can challenge it. There was a favourable time in the past when this could have been achieved. It was not done so. Why? Government/s in New Delhi and leadership thereof desired to see Jammu and Kashmir militancy to continue. Weakness is in New Delhi. It is of no use blaming Pakistan & separatists always. Few select powerful too wanted it that way.
NaMo@PMOIndia can verify my statements with General (Retd.) V K singh. If he disagrees with what I say I am open to correction.

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