Disposable Seekers

Hello World,

Few select individuals claiming credits for creating favourable atmosphere in media for NaMo and BJP have exposed their real agenda. Attempts of creating anti-Modi wave have failed poorly. Not only at home front,but also they resorted to this exercise at international level. RIL’s Paid agents are in limelight for misleading American and Indian investors and shareholders. Now a new tribe of ‘intelligent idiots’ has emerged. They do not want to give any breathing time to NaMo @PMOIndia and his government.They are not well wishers of india. their loyalty is towards their masters who in no case constitute India. they along witheir masters are DISPOSABLE ITEMS to be used and thrown away.

This has reference to The Indian Express, international edition,volume XV No.09 ,August 15,2014 ,Page05 ,Big Story :” Are some people disappointed with Modi ?’ with dateline New Delhi ,a contribution by “our bureau”:

My analysis is as following :

Arvind Panagaria ,US based economist ,R.Jagannathan, editor @ Firstpost.com, Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Bibek Debroy are not happy with NaMo @PMOIndia’s performance and their disenchantment has started prematurely. Their and their masters’ honeymoon with NaMO and BJP is over.

They took election promises of ”acche din” very seriously and expected NaMo to deliver as soon as Arun Jaitley represented his maiden budget. That shows how mature these gentlemen are.

Arvind Panagariya may be a good professor and a doctoral guide. He is nothing more than an arm chair economist miles away from ground reality in India. He is a non -indian or say un-Indian NRI. He is good where he is. He should stop sending advisories and prescriptions on problems in India.He is good for nothing for India and Indians.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta is also a theory man good for writing a research paper and article. Without funds he will starve.

R .Jagannathan is editor @Firstpost.com. Who owns Firstpost? Who gives him monthly salary? Is it not IMT , a subsidiary of Mukesh Nita Ambani’s RIL? Who financed NaMo and BJP with enormous black money earned from crude and gas? Why this gesture by MN Ambani? What for?

Now NaMo is not CM NaMo, he is now a different NaMo @PMOIndia. Any gesture to help any unscrupulous industrialist will start his return journey soon. NaMo ,BJP and RSS can not afford it. There is a dictum of “USE and THROW”. For RIL, Mukesh Nita Ambani or any one in FICCI , ASSOCHAM and India Inc.NaMo is now nonnegotiable. If these critics continue to sing their masters’ songs, people of India will not tolerate. NaMo has to treat RIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani as disposables or say dispensable items to be thrown away after use. RIL,RGTIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani treated land owners as disposables and using ever ready to be RIL/RGTIL compliant government and law agencies in states where RIL has invested since its inception and where RGTIL gas pipe line is laid refrained from compensating thousands of agricultural land holders. Nemesis waits them. NaMo and india thank them for helping NaMo to become @PMOIndia. Thanks a lot . Now your need and/or advice is not solicited. So get lost or be prepared to face laws and law enforcement agencies of the land that is India. It they are managed by you and your agents,people of India are waiting for you and those who help you.

Bibek Debroy should also understand that writing a book or participating in a live TV debate does not make him indispensable for/to NaMo @PMOIndia.

All these columnists and writers need not think that they decide NaMo’s agenda. He survived for more than ten years without their or MY support. He will survive. He has to survive. India-centric Indians are innumerable . They will support NaMo unto last provided NaMo sticks to the line, “India First and India Last.”
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– The Indian EXPRESS North American Edition


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