Will NaMo Crucify People of India ?

11 August · Edited
Bankimchandra Desai
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Will NaMo Crucify People of India ?
First I quote the report’s last paragraph’
I quote ,
“According to industry estimates, every $1 rise in the price of gas would add Rs 3,000 crore to the net profits of public sector undertakings and Rs 2,000 crore to those of RIL, Cairn and other private sector companies annually. It would, however, hit the power and fertliser sectors. For every $1 rise in the price of gas, the fertiliser subsidy is expected to rise by Rs 3,155 crore and the power sector’s losses would soar by Rs 10,040 crore a year.”

It is a simple calculation.
To get Rs.3,000 crores for PUCs of GoI, we will lose
Rs. 3155 crores + Rs.10,040 crores = Rs.13,195 crores .
just to give benefits worth Rs.2,000 crores to RIL and Cairn etc.

Prime questions are:
(A) Who owns gas and oil fields ?
(B) Who are owners, investors, developers and ultimate beneficiaries?
(C) Are these private players in bad debts?
(D) Are these private players honest with/to their investors and shareholders?
(E) Who owns the majority shares in these companies?
(F) Why people of India should bleed to benefit blood suckers represented by few families ?
(G) Why should not these gas and oil fields be nationalized ?
(H) Why should not SCI understand this simple calculation?
(I) Why should people of India suffer due to inadvertent obligations arising from improper and illegal
give and take of players of UPA 2 and BJP governments with these private players?
(J) Why should not people of INDIA AGITATE peacefully?

Gas price to be finalised after Parliament session ends
Officials say government wary of PIL filed in the Supreme Court by Gurudas Dasgupta and Prashant…
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