Promise Valid For 1001 Days

Promise Valid for 1001 Days.

Dear Raj Nath Sinhji,

Man, that is the real sportsmanship. If every leader thinks and acts like this, many problems will cease to be problems. i might have criticized you in the past, but, as the home minister of India this has to be and should be. After so many years we have got a mature and ‘responsible’ home minister. I wish BJP could have many MPs like RNS** lest the candidates would have been selected on the basis of qualifications rather than their winnability. NaMo* and you i mean RNS have a very poor C class team. Captain and vice captain have to play a lot and coach every member of the team, the most of which are renegades and criminals. It is ironical that Home minister has first to manage his home stable for full term. He will have to spy/snoop them to scan their activities and all deals involving 60:40*** in the name of collection of party funds and in majority of cases in the name of NaMo. RNS will have to assign this responsibility to “non seekers”****in every district. They should operate in cognito. In no case their identity should be revealed.

There is case of Director of CBI attending a marriage reception held by a so called front ranking diamond merchant. This unscrupulous diamond merchant and that CBI Director brought down the agency’s prestige and credibility to the lowest. That diamond merchant is a BJP donor and has utilized CBI Director’s favour to enhance own professional and unprofessional gains.

From my own experience i assert that MHA and PMO have been the weakest spots for last twenty five years. The decay in other ministries, departments and agencies start from those ‘moles’. NaMo and RNS need to take note of it. The example cited is to highlight how our citizens and high ranking officers conduct themselves.

Really a very difficult task is ahead of NaMo and RNS.

On my part I promise that my cadres in 219 districts will not complicate government’s job. They will work towards your success. They have worked very hard to install a majority government at New Delhi. In a broad sense they are all students of Doctor Saheb , Guruji and Laxmanrao Inamdarji. They are not the cadres of RSS or BJP. They do not take Nagpur in cognizance. They all are non-party India-centric cadres.. They are all non-seekers and highly qualified professionals having own financial resources. None of them will associate with governments’ efforts. For 1001 days NaMo and RNS have their silent support. If NaMo, RNS and government are at fault, I will criticize them very severely at every step. Moratorium is for 1001 days. After that wheels of a silent revolution will start.

Why? That is in India’s interest. For us all, India is THE FIRST and THE LAST priority.

*Narendra Modi
** Raj Nath Sinh
*** 60 % of every deal by accounted money ( Amul white Rupees)
40% of every deal by unaccounted money ( Black money)
**** non-seekers are persons who do not seek any benefit and do not crave for any position anywhere.

UNBIASED COOPERATION: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the government would rise above party politics and cooperate with all states, including Uttar Pradesh, India, on development |


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