Run , Mukesh- Nita Ambani Run and Run for Ever…….

Oh! Our Mukesh_Nita Ambani is far behind Warren Buffett.

Buffett lives in a simple house. He does not have an army of officers, tax consultants, chartered accountants & innumerable piggy companies. He does not have his company agent as member of senate or congress in the USA.. He does not have his brother in law as a minister or officer in US government ,either federal or state. He does not have his man as prime minister, finance minister, petroleum minister or secretary as he/she is known in the USA. He does not have his man as president in the White House. He does not have his man/woman as advocate /solicitor general. He does not have his man/woman installed as a judge/judges in high courts or supreme court. He does not hire best advocates on his companies’ panels so as to deprive anyone desiring to contest him or his any of the companies in a court of law. He does not maintain accounts difficult to decipher by government or tax compliance agencies. He does not have muscles ! He does not have film actors and cricketers to help in money laundering. He does not give gifts/bribes to media persons. As of today, he does not have any TV & Network or Print Media in his ownership. He does not have to resort to active and huge financing of politicians or political parties. He does not have Democratic Party as his mall or Republican Party as his “dukan”(shop). He has not got a supreme court order to ban publication/release of forgotten “POLYESTER PRINCE”. As of today he has not filed a defamation suit against any journalist, TV news anchor, TV channel. He has not issued any notice to any one. Top of it, he does not need/have Z security !

Then Warren Buffett must be a numero uno miser!

It is better you talk to him directly. It is not difficult to get his appointment or to get him on lines. Is/was his wife Mother (of) America or is he Father (of) America? Does he fulfill CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility a tiny fraction of his profits ?

How this man has this much wealth despite a long list of have-nots?

Does he visit Dwarkadhish, Shrinathji, Ambaji,Tirupati Balaji , Shirdi Sai Baba the esteemed heavenly Gods/Goddess? Does he visit human gods in Washington? Does he have an agent like Niraa Radia or Burkha Dutt or Shobhaa De or anyone alike?

Why to know about him further and farther….

Better run to be promoted from the Richest Beggar of India to the Richest Beggar of the World! ….. Run ..Run.. Mall manager Narendra Modi , Dukan Manager Sonia Gandhi & various media persons are there to cheer you …..

Top of it Pranab Mukerjee the President of India will join you after he ceases to be the President of the Republic of India. In absence of your father, it is his solemn duty to safeguard you and your interests. He can not do this while he is in office.He can not save you from people of India who will be after you & your managers …..Run ,Run….and Run for Ever….People of India are after you.. following you in your footsteps to become or create replicas of RIL and Ambani !

Every Indian has inherent right to copy your style and methods. Is it not true?


Buffett’s Berkshire Shares Top $200,000 for First Time

Warren Buffett, welcome to the $200,000 club. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s Class A shares jumped above $200,000 on Thursday for the first time, yet another milestone for the gigantic conglomerate run by the billionaire investor.|By Steven Russolillo

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