NaMo’s Reality Distortion Fields

NaMo’s Reality Distortion Fields :
Bookish and straight entrepreneurs as well as industrialists in India to understand that whatever is promised either by NaMo or SoGa /RaGa during election campaign is not for serious consumption or implementation after coming to power. Election promises are for cosmetic purposes to decorate political parties’ manifesto. They are not sacrosanct as MoUs undertaken by CM NaMo during Vibrant Gujarat Summits.1947 onwards our leaders have been very very liberal in giving promises. From Jawaharlal Nehru to NaMo the list of such promises is long enough to encircle our globe !
NaMo @PMOIndia’s China policy, attitude towards the USA, promises and endeavors to cleanse parliament to get rid of criminal MPs, attempts for corruption free judiciary, corruption free PMO and Executives at New Delhi and all state capitals, growth without any impediments and self sufficiency in agriculture as well as defense oriented production are few of NaMo’s many Reality Distortion Fields.

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