Challenge to International Media

MN Ambani @RIL :
Cobweb of Piggy Companies :
Challenge to International Media:
RIL is a mythological giant which has engulfed thousands of acres of agricultural and nonagricultural lands with the active help of numerous corrupt prime ministers, cabinet ministers, secretaries, chief ministers of states ,police officers, government officers ,judicial officers, media and media persons. Dhirubhai Ambani made laws and law enforcement agencies compliant to his and RIL’s convenient requirements. He should be awarded the highest honour posthumously to be known as The Corruptor of Indian Polity. MN Ambani and RIL continued glorious traditions. i assert that no new law is required. Present laws, if implemented in their true letter and spirit can destroy Mn Ambani and RIL.
No government can venture to appoint a commission of sitting Supreme Court of India’s Judges to inquire into the procedure of land acquisition, compensation awarded AND claims of compensation rejected by the RIL compliant machinery. The irregularity started from day one of RIL.The main accomplice Mr. Parimal Nathwani is a Rajya Sabha member, elected unanimously by super corrupt MLAs of Jharkhand. Another accomplice in Gujarat is a minister in Gujarat for continuous ten years or so.He is Mr.Saurabh Patel who is brother in law of Mukesh Nita Ambani. Another prime beneficiary is CM NaMo who is now NaMo @PMOIndia. Other major beneficiaries comprise the majority of members of parliament sitting in opposition. As far as MN Ambani and RIL are concerned they are NaMo’s loyal opponents ! Besides lands RIL has not left any sphere of governance and public life. Like a slow growing cancer it has infiltrated and corrupted all laws and law enforcement agencies to form a cobweb of MN Ambani’s piggy companies! RIL is main. There are several subsidiaries. There are equal number of subsidiaries to each one. This cobweb continues till the majority of profit is consumed by MN Ambani’s piggy companies. The accounting and auditing is very very doubtful, suspicious, secretive and not decipherable to any NonRIL man! MN Ambani and RIL can not survive and sustain in any other country with corrupt leadership. Why? India is the only country where everyone in governance from president to peon in gram panchayat office are likely to be a RIL person. The cobweb of companies and corruption is a challenge to the best investigative journalist. As of today India has none. If there is any, he/she is either compromised or being on the way of getting deaf and dumb.
Now it is a challenge to international media and their representatives in New Delhi and state capitals. Till now they might have received gifts from RIL either in cash or in kind. Now it is time to be true to own self and profession. It is time to convince Indians and others alike that International Media represents free Press.

Reference material:
TV18 and Network18 write off 75% of Reliance’s original Rs1,700 crore investment?
The move raises issues like who benefited from the debt write-offs and whether previous financial statements were fudged?

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