Can India do this ?

Can India match USA in snooping,spying ?
John Kerry’s visit and subsequent reporting in Indian media ,print and TV as well as social networks make amusing ,humorous reading. USA is watching the world after first world war .If Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru were careful enough in seeking American help regarding M.A Jinnah’s health ,the future of India would have been different. These three and the rest of leaders of INC met MA Jinnah several times, but none of them had a careful ear to MA Jinnah’s cough .If they could sense the love affair between Nehru and Edwina, there would not have been headache of J and K ! That was the level of sense about importance of knowing your friend and foe alike!

USA did spying in India from day 01,i.e, August15,1947.What is wrong?

Who prevents India to do so?

Our cabinet ministers, army officers ,secretaries ,lower level government employees,industrialists, journalists are known to be ever ready to pass on any valuable information for the sake of money. Mata Hari or Christine Killer is not their cup of tea ! The snooping described by our lady minister Sushma Swaraj reveals her nursery type knowledge about her job. The hand set or I pad or tablet or I pod or laptop or cell phone used by her is not free of bugging device .That much she should know. If she complains about USA’s snooping over BJP leaders more specifically of NaMo reveal their possible susceptibility to sensitive information.Her public outrage is a signature sign of their propriety to rule .

Any foreign power need not spy or snoop in India. Everything is open, wide open. If one fails to get information ,it is lack of expertise on the part of the agent involved.

From my knowledge and experience ,i can tell that in 2014 anyone can see, hear anything he/she desires. Few very costly gadgets ,interceptors, GPS facility, jammers are sufficient. It is better for any private individual to be law compliant and care free about anyone’s eves dropping or snooping.

Corporates are now in this sector with 2/3/4 G spectrum licenses. The main purpose is spying over one another ! Sushmaji,forget USA,bother about Big Brother ,Mukesh Nita Ambani who is invading BSNL and India with Reliance Jio !

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