Medical Mafia

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India is exposed to good as well as bad sides of NaMo @PMOIndia ‘s Gujarat model. CAG reports for Gujarat are suppressed for years. Now as NaMo’s ‘fear of ominous presence’ has gone to New Delhi, the details of scams and scandals are getting out of Gandhinagar’s Swarnim Sankul. The internecine war among Saurabh Patel (MN Ambani’s brother in law),Nitin Patel and Anandiben Patel is getting interesting day by day.
In this background medical mafia is slowly coming into picture and center stage of admissions to medical and paramedical courses, sanction of new govt,semi govt. and private medical. dental and other para medical colleges.
NaMo’s cabinet is now 60 days old. What are achievements for Dr.Harshvardhan ? Union health minister is a very successful private consultant ENT Surgeon at New Delhi.
This is going to be a battle royal!
Sandesh ,a leading Gujarati daily published an editorial on medical mafia. I posted few comments on Facebook. i compiled them into a blog.
I quote,”
Medical Mafia :
Types of medical mafia :
1.Manufacturing sector: nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors through medical
2 Pricing of drugs, medicines: central minister and secretary for pharmaceuticals
3.Central and state drug control boards and respective chief chemists
4.Central and state ministers of health and health commissioners of individual states
5. Medical Council of India
6. Dental council of India
7. Boards/councils for alternative therapies viz. unani, homeopathic. ayurvedic ,
8. Councils for pharmacy. physiotherapy
There are unscrupulous elements who win over the disciplined ones and rot starts there.

મેડિકલ માફિયાને નાથવામાં જ દેશનું આરોગ્ય સલામત છે(Editorial)

Sandesh Leading Gujarati Newspaper Published from Gujarat Ahmedabad Surat Baroda Rajkot and Bhavnagar. Gujarat News, Ahmedabad News, Baroda News, Surat News, Rajkot News, World, Sports,…

As far as I know, dr. Ketan Desai is a former president of Medical Council of India. Dr. Jayshree Mehta is the present incumbent.It would not be a surprise if Dr. Jayshree Mehta has facilitated Dr. Ketan Desai’s reentry in the MCI.
When the term medical mafia is used generally it is for MCI, state medical councils, university faculty boards, deans of teaching colleges and hospitals, medical teachers and examiners. The nexus and network is so intricate and legal cobwebs protecting the scandalous elements is so tight that nothing much can be done. Sandesh editorial refers to Dr.Ketan Desai as the main character behind all evils.The Gujarat university senate liable for Dr.Ketan Desai’s rebirth. is controlled by BJP. BJP is controlled by Amit Shah and NaMo.Dr. Ketan Desai was almost terminated from the scene. NaMo and Amit Shah saw to it that he relives his ‘mafia culture’. Now as it appears from Sandesh editorial, it is a straight fight between Dr. Harshvardhan ,Union cabinet minister in charge of health portfolio and Dr. Ketan Desai. It is an interesting situation where pecuniary interests of haves contradict each other. i wait for further developments.

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