Alarm for IB,Cambridge,ICSE Boards

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There is a dispute of non payment of full wages and other perks to teachers of LP Savani School, Pal, Surat. As it always happens, the might is right. The Savani Management has been successful in dividing the striking teachers. The teachers of other schools run by many diamond and land organisers do complain in the same tone.But these white collared gentlemen have patronized news papers by lavish advertisements, gifts and more so they have managed government education department. They are all friends of BJP and prime donors of NaMo @PMOIndia. Gujarat government’s secretaries & officers work for them 24 x 7 x 52 . Gujarat’s chief minister and education minister are apathetic to problems faced by students ,teachers and guardians of private schools.
Now it is time for parents to wake up and think before getting admission to such private schools by giving huge donations in sophisticated forms.

i urge you all to support striking teachers.

The news item published by Sandesh, Surat is reproduced for your perusal.

એલ.પી.સવાણી શાળામાં સંચાલકો અને શિક્ષકો વચ્ચેનો વિવાદ યથાવત
Jul 27, 2014 02:39 Surat > Surat City
સુરત : પાલ સ્થિત એલ. પી. સવાણી શાળામાં પૂરતું પગાર ધોરણ, પ્રોવિડન્ટ ફંડ સહિતના હકને મુદ્દે સંચાલકો અને શિક્ષકો વચ્ચે ચાલી રહેલું ઘર્ષણ શનિવારે પણ યથાવત રહ્યુ હતુ. જોકે, હડતાળિયા શિક્ષકોમાં બે ઊભા ફાંટા પડવાની સાથે જ શનિવારે શાળામાં બાળભવન, ધોરણ-૧થી ૬ના વર્ગો રાબેતા મુજબ શરૂ થઇ ગયા હતા. હડતાળથી અળગા થઇ ગયેલા કેટલાક જૂના શિક્ષકો અને અન્ય કેટલાક નવા શિક્ષકોના સહારે શાળામાં વર્ગો શરૂ કરવામાં આવ્યા હતા. બીજી બાજુએ નારાજ શિક્ષકોનો ડીઇઓ અને સંચાલકો સમક્ષ રજૂઆતોનો દોર યથાવત રહ્યો હતો. સમગ્ર વિવાદમાં સંચાલકોએ હડતાળિયા શિક્ષકોને નોટીસ ફટકારી હોવાનું જાણવા મળ્યુ છે. તેમજ વિવાદ વચ્ચે વિદ્યાર્થીઓના હિતને ધ્યાનમાં લેતાં હવે સોમવારથી વધારાના વર્ગો શરૂ કરવાની તૈયારી પણ હાથ ધરાઇ છે.

One can not expect better than this from neo educationalists like Savani. Savani group has well orchestrated the philanthropist image by conducting various social promotional events.It can be understood that in this world of publicity and paid publicity a ‘shetan’ can become a ‘sant’. All sants of namesake and celebrity authors like Kajal Oza Vaidya, Gunvant Shah and others have made Savani’s name creditable. But what appears in Sandesh has exploded the myth of Savanies and fellow educationalists who have invested their money in lands ,buildings and what not.This class has to understand that education is not diamonds ,buildings and land plots. There can not be 60:40 in education.i call upon Kajal Oza Vaidya, Gunvant Shah, Morari Bapu and Swami Sachidanand of Dantali to intervene and compel Savanies to pay all legitimate dues to teachers.
I fail to understand the apathy of Surat’s teacher associations. Are these teachers different from other teachers?
I urge IB,ICSE and Cambridge Boards to reexamine the credentials of all schools bearing Savani name tag and other private English medium schools in Surat and South Gujarat.
I congratulate Sandesh for this flash very much in time.


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One Response to “Alarm for IB,Cambridge,ICSE Boards”

  1. desaibankim Says:

    It’s a business !
    You have noticed one tution class. please see the advertisements of all English medium private schools. They mention the words like ‘Affiliated & recognized by IB,ICSI, Cambridge University, Cambridge Examination Board…….’ One such school, L.P. Savani School ,Pal,Surat is doing 60: 40 in teachers’ salary. They fail to fulfill the terms and conditions, oral and otherwise, given to staff at the time of recruitment.

    ભુજ માં એક ટ્યુશન કલાસીસ એ “બ્રિટીસ કાઉન્સિલ” નો લોગો બેઠે બેઠો ઉઠાંતરી કરી લીધો !! — with Anugana Rock and 4 others.

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