Oh,again this Saurabh!

Hello world,

Please read my Facebook Posts on reports published in The Indian Express,Ahmedabad,03 April,2014.Both news items are centered on Saurabh Patel@Dalal,Cabinet Minister in NaMo’s Gujarat ministry.

Faux Pas of Govt.of Gujarat :

NaMo ,Saurabh Patel & GoM are forgetful, ignorant about secretary’s decisions and doings. Secretary lacks communication with ministers and CM.Who believes it? The worst performance of the so called best governed state of Gujarat. Saurabh Patel @ Dalal is a faceless, irresponsible, corrupt cabinet minister who created an impression of wholesale cheating of farmers by wholesale ministers of govt under NaMo. Farmers,beware of cheater Saurabh & his fellow ministers. If NaMo & his thugs have some self respect, they should at once quit. Otherwise voters should give them a hard kick on their buttocks! Defeat one and all in ensuing Lok Sabha election.

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Clipping of Ahmedabad, 03 April, 2014 :IndianExpress.comr
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Bankimchandra Desai commented on a link.
31 minutes ago

Oh,again this Saurabh !

Why did not he reveal the relationship for last 14 years he is in Government of Gujarat either asa MoS or a minister of cabinet rank?NaMo, BJP & Govt of Gujarat should publish a white paper on all decisions taken by Saurabh Patel@ Dalal.

Clipping of Ahmedabad, 03 April, 2014 :readwhere
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Hello world,

Arvind Kejriwal made Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, Parimal Nathwani vulnerable by exposing and challenging their vicious nexus of corrupt practices which have engulfed Indian polity for long. He asked Gujarat’s cabinet minister, Saurabh Patel @ Dalal to spell out his relationship with Mukesh Ambani and Ambani family. Saurabh Patel took up the issue and lodged a complaint with Election Commission of Gujarat. CEO, Gujarat referred the issue to Election Commission of India. ECI asked for Saurabh Patel’s categorical reply about his relationship with Ambani family. Now Saurabh Patel will reply at proper time, convenient to him, not necessarily convenient to ECI and Arvind Kejriwal.

It seems everyone knows the relationship except Saurabh Patel@Dalal! He is very shy in telling the truth! This brave son in law of Ambani family is a very smart operator. Anybody may be chief minister of Gujarat, but, this Saurabh is always there in the ministry. Why? Maintenance of continuity and safeguarding the interests of Mukesh Ambani in particular and corporate companies in general! What is the benefit to the party in power and chief minister? They get vast sums of unaccounted money for their multiple purposes. How? Saurabh facilitates activities of industries, helps in getting legal and illegal favours in the form of relaxation of taxes , getting lands by official proclamations, getting infrastructure facilities ready for the ultimate beneficiaries like Mukesh Ambani, getting all sorts of government protection for corporates and thumping down protest and dissent with government machinery.

The only time when this Saurabh is embarrassed a lot is when Election Commission is the real horse rider. Once his subordinates, the collectors and senior IAS, IPS otherwise meek and mild government officers stare at him in defiance and question his integrity, honesty and loyalty to the State. Yes, the D Day is during elections to state assembly and Lok Sabah! These officers, when they are on special duty as ECI officials, their real power are experienced by all.

Politicians like NaMo and Saurabh Patel@Dalal are expert manipulators of laws, law enforcement agencies and judiciary. Thank God, ECI has remained independent till to-date.
Hence this Saurabh Patel is in trouble. His career from his day one in public life, politics and government is under scanner of ECI.

This Saurabh often forgets his words. He acts as an innocent gentleman. His infectious habit is spread, transferred to his fellow ministers as well. The Government of Gujarat is too forgetful. Secretaries do forget many things. This forgetfulness is a calculated move to cheat citizens of Gujarat on a whole sale basis. The most recent example is Saurabh Patel’s faux pas on Hajira Special Investment Region (Hajira SIR).


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