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Mukesh Nita Ambani is celebrating Dhanraj’s marriage. Dhanraj is RIL’s second generation loyalist.His father Parimal Nathwani was Dhirubhai Ambani’s eyes,ears,arms and legs in Gujarat at the time of RIL’s expansion,nearly twenty five years back.During Chimanbhai Patel’s chiefministership, lands’ allocation was made much before RIL acquired NOC from the central government.Chimanbhai side tracked all procedures and favoured RIL at amazing speed.He did not budge an inch to NRI proposal to establish refinery at Surat.NRI acquired lands but Chimanbhai Patel did not approve of that.Instead he announced government lands’allocation to RIL without following any procedures under the laws of the land.NaMo and Ratan Tata were no where even on horizon. The man friday on both sides was Parimal Nathwani.Today Dhirubhai Ambani and Chimanbhai Patel are enjoying their rebirths,if they had to ! Parimal Nathwani is there to corrupt all Gods on behalf of RIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani.He is in a way de facto owner of RIL in Mukesh Ambani’s absence!The only man to know all the secrets! Everyone at RIL becomes deaf and dumb when he is referred to even in a remote and cursory mention.

We will deal with the subject in coming days in flashback manner.But at present he is out of Mukesh Nita Ambani’s lantern, to be more precise the gin is more powerful than his owner masters!

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i quote,

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February 4 near Surat

Parimal Nathwani at his best :
See this Karna Daneshwari of RIL ! As one of two Rajyasabha MPs from Jharkhand, in his previous term, he spent INR15.18crores from MP’s allotted funds and INR 3.18crores from his personal funds for people of Jharkhand.He was supported then by MLAs of BJP,All Jharkhand’s Students’ Union,JMM,Congress.independents were not behind. He was elected uncontested ,by Guruji@Shibu Soren’s corrupt and very corrupt fello citizens@MLAs

Compare and contrast this with the personal donation of INR 225Crores by Krish Gopalakrishnan of Infosys !

Parimal Nathwani claims that Jharkhand is his “Karm Bhoomi” ! See this white collar THUG who is widely known as RIL@Mukesh Nita Ambani’s representative in New Delhi, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Mumbai and Maharashtra. He is BJP@NaMo@narendramodi’s ‘Bhamasha’.

Who are gentlemen and ladies supporting this cricketer (!!)? Yes, he plays cricket in Gujarat. He serves in RIL. He presides over ups and downs of stocks at Baroda.PN is always busy as a wheeler-dealer in New Delhi, very effective and popular in camps from Pranab Mukherji to Prakash-Brinda Karat.

By the way,has he any waist? No.Why? He keeps all the secrets there ! He duped thousands of farmers and land owners who lost their precious lands all over Gujarat obviously for Dhirubhai Ambani, RIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani. He is now busy in ‘operation toppling AAP Govt.* Why?

His next mission is to be a Special Officer of MN AMBANI in PMO after Lok Sabha Polls 2014.

This fatso is a very easy target for Maoists ! Naxals are known to abduct and lynch persons like him. Till now he has survived. How? He is an expert in art of “ADJUST EVERYWHERE”.

NIA,encounter specialists, terrorists, activists like Dr.Binayak Sen,Megha Patkar as well as extremists of all shades and colours keenly observe and follow him.

It is difficult to contact /approach him. He has many addresses and places for one night stand. If one knows his all whereabouts and is unable to catch him, he will be at ANTILIA @ Mumbai, his ultimate and final address where his ‘deity’ resides!


Parimal Nathwani is a national asset and living treasure of antic variety. He is very very very precious to people of Jharkhand and Mukesh Nita Ambani@RIL@ANTILIA. He should be accorded a security equivalent to one given to India’s sil (son in law), Robert Vadra !


* With MNA,NaMo and RaGa’s help he created circumstances wherein the 49 days’ AAP govt.stood dethroned .That will be the way govts,unfriendly to Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL will go in future.

Clipping of Surat, 02-02-2014 :readwhere

02-02-2014 Surat city


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