Mukesh Ambani : The Kingpin of Corruption

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At last the judgment day for Antilian Mukesh Ambani has come. Arvind Kejriwal has decided to ride a liger who is as such a rabbit turned into a liger by the unholy nexus of a Tiger named Ambani @ RIL and a Lioness made up of politicians,political parties,media as well as India Inc.

i had my first direct encounter with RGTIL officials during the inintial years of Narendra Modi as CM of Gujarat.RGTIL officers said confidently that RGTIL@RIL pocketed GoI,GoG and all concerned that matter in defacto rule .i vowed that day that he will not rest in peace. Many joined me and the caravan has reached New Delhi.The torch was handed over long back to Arvind Kejriwal and corruptexoplosion has started. The mistake on the part of UPA 2 was the removal of Jaipal Reddy from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The stone started rolling .The rest is the history of the day.That is as such history in making.

i quote,

My post on Facebook :

“Mukesh Ambani : The Kingpin of Corruption :

Arvind Kejriwal should file this FIR at the earliest.Pranab Mukherji ,Murli Mama and Dr.(sick) V.Moily are collaborators along with officials,(serving and retired during last thirty years) of all bodies associated with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas as well as Department of Hydrocarbons, Indian Oil Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Commission.A case is pending in AP High Court .That is very interesting.

All “piggy” companies owned by Mukesh Nita Ambani,their children, mother ,relatives and Parimal Nathwani should be scanned . If all present laws are enforced in their letter and real spirit the richest beggar of India , Mukesh Nita Ambani @ RIL @ Antilia will be out of Antilia ! All land owners who lost their precious lands during last thirty years for this prime sophisticated law breaker, pray for that day of reckoning.Arvind Kejriwal is the only and the first person to book this kingpin of corruption in Indian polity and socioeconomic milieu.i sent all details long back to Arvind Kejriwal,Subramanian Swamy, Arun Shourie and IAC. Swamy and Shourie are silent for ostensible reasons.i sent one petition to CJI of India long back. The reply highlights the real plight of Indian Judiciary. The Americans were very very wise to ease out Mukesh Ambani from the Board of Directors of Bank of America.i made a series of representations to concerned authorities in the USA. SEBI and RBI are shielding Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL. i call upon Swamy and Shourie to resign from BJP and take up the fight against Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL.”

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i quote the Facebook post i shared.

“ગેસના ભાવો મુદ્દે મુકેશ અંબાણી સહિત પેટ્રોલિયમ પ્રધાનો સામે થશે FIR

નવી દિલ્હી – દિલ્હીના મુખ્યપ્રધાન અરવિંદ કેજરીવાલે ગેસના ભાવ મુદ્દે દેશના ટોચના ઉદ્યોગપતિ અને રિલાયન્સના માલિક મુકેશ અંબાણી સહિત કેન્દ્રીય પેટ્રોલિયમ પ્રધાન વિરપ્પા મેઇલી તેમજ મુરલી દેવડા સામે અપરાધિક ગુનો દાખલ કરવાનો નિર્ણય કર્યો છે.”


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