Dawoodi Bohra Controversy

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Surat and Mumbai are important for Dawoodi Bohra community scattered through out the globe.Surat has Devadi Mubarak.Mumbai has the main residence of Dai, the religious head of the sect.On Monday,January 27,2014 Surat witnessed an unprecedented procession of Dawoodi Bohras,peaceful and, dignified, which drew everybody’s attention.Many questions were raised.i tried to probe the issue.It is nothing new.It happens in all big families.Rich and poor are affected equally when the issues of inheritance and succession arise.

The majority of Dawoodi Bohras have selected their religious head in a peaceful but equally strange manner.

i invite your vies on the issue.

Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin,the 52nd Dai of Dawoodi Bohra community died at the age of 102 years. As per Gregorian calendar he was 99 years. Like Hindu calendar, Bohras follow lunar count, so roughly there is a deficit of 03 years in 99 years, 01 year in 33 years,11.060606 days in 01 year.For Bohras,late Syedna was 102 years old.Non-Bohras have to learn from Bohras to respect and follow the age old traditions.

52nd Dai is said to have nominated his heir twice during his life. First nomination was said to be in favour of his brother Khojema* Qutubuddin who has staked his claim. The second nominee was one of his children, Sayedana** Mufaddul*** Saifuddin who is widely accepted as 53rd Dai.

The strange phenomenon is processions by Dawoodi Bohras in city after city in support of Sayedana Mufaddul Saifuddin.Khojema Qutubuddin seems to have no supporter either in the Family or the Community at large. Little is known about his learning and contribution towards the Community and India.

The stampede during the funeral of the 52nd Dai was unusual and historic for Dawoodi Bohras. Always peace loving and very well disciplined, Bohras are not known or remembered for trouble making either for the State or for other religious bodies. As far as my memory goes back there were instances of Bohras retaliating and agitating in protest of fellow reformist Bohra citizens mainly, Asgar Ali Engineer and Zohra Cyclewala. It was 52nd Dai’s firm stand that made life difficult for reformists and rebellious Bohras. They were excommunicated by 52nd Dai.Probably he never wanted to see his hold getting weak on any count. 52nd Dai’s learning and deep understanding of Holy Koran evaporated during his dealings with the reformists.Probably that was the only weakness he had.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this internecine competition for legacy. Immediately after the sad demise of 52nd Dai, the word was said to be spread that the succession issue would be decided by the omnipresent Imam. The method, time, and place of this decision was unknown and if that has come no one knows. At least that appears so. Otherwise Dawoodi Bohras would not have come out in processions in cities of their inhabitance to submit a memorandum in favour of Sayedna Mufaddul Saifuddin to District Collector, a government appointee by all means. The magnitude of these processions indicates that all is not well in the First Family of Dawoodi Bohras. It appears that Sayedana Mufaddul Saifuddin and his supporters want to pre-empt all legal and quasi legal attempts on behalf of Khojema Qutubuddin. Public demonstrations are by all means for creating pressure on the opposite camp and non-Boras mainly politicians who rule at present.

52nd Dai was expert in handling, tackling and dealing with erstwhile Bhartiya Jansangh, all ramifications of Congress, Janata Dal and Bharatiya Janta Party. He knew exactly what all politicians want and he was very prompt in satisfying them all by all means in equal vein. He never had any problem with Hindu extremist organisations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Durgavahini. He was very friendly with media. He dealt with deftly and firmly other Islamic faiths in India. He was not very effective, at least that appeared so, in dealing with religio-political establishments in Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Afghanistan. His inter-action with Iran’s ruling clergy was never a matter of publicity.He was received with honour at Cairo, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His knowledge and understanding of Holy Koran was probably the only reason for extremists in Saudi Arabia to allow his status,if not equal to Allah but next to him.Saudis and for that sake Islamic extremists worldwide never objected public display of his photographs as living deity representing Imam. They never object to such public display of H.H. Aga Khan’s photographs as well. Unfriendly treatment to all Shia sects by Pakistan’s successive religio-political rulers is a glaring example of disunity amongst all followers and children of Allah.

Sayedana Mufaddul Saifuddin’s learning and skill will be tested in his dealing with his uncle, Khojema Qutubuddin who has proclaimed himself as 53rd Dai.

i as a lover of Dawoodi Bohras and their practical wisdom in following 52nd Dai, would earnestly urge Khojema Qutubuddin to withdraw his claim to Dai’s position .God’s deemed representative,a living deity, should behave in a manner befitting the claim of legacy. That dictates Kojema Kutubuddin’s abdication of rights.

If this controversy is allowed to continue, politicians of all colours and advocates will take the center stage only to prove that children of God are all human beings and suffer from being human! It is difficult to say what would have been the reaction of late Asgar Ali Engineer to this situation.It is timely to note the respectful words from Zohra Cyclewala in tributes to 52nd Dai who has made her life extremely difficult . Sayedana Mufaddul Saifuddin has a challenging task as 53rd Dai to usher in reforms from above. Probably that will be the price Khojema Qutubuddin would demand in reciprocation of abdication of his claim to legacy.

*Khojema also spelt as Khuzaima
**Syedna also pelt as Sayedana
***Mufaddul also spelt as Muffadal

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One Response to “Dawoodi Bohra Controversy”

  1. abbas Says:

    dear sir, with many respect to you, mufaddal moula tus is our moula and thier is no single doubt in that, this type of situation happened many times with past duaat mutlaq as, but because we saw now in our lifetime in present, we shocked, we are sad, but we knows our moula mufaddal saifuddin tus will do every thing with allahs will and allah is always to protect him and support him and to our community, i respect you because even you not a dawoodi bohra, you suggest khozema qutbuddin to withdraw his claim, allah bless you with your health and family for sure, Thanks

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