AAP’s Missed Opportunity

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After a considerable lapse of time i resume blogging.
Amitabh Thakur is my facebook friend. i join him in his comments on Arvind kejriwal’s latest ‘adventure’ in politics.i quote his status,” https://www.facebook.com/bankimchandradesai?hc_location=timeline
Bankimchandra Desai shared with Amitabh Thakur
“CM on Dharna, in his personal capacity, to get policemen suspended because he “feels” they committed wrong. Opinions might vary but to me it seems highly unwarranted and extremely dangerous, having long-term consequences.”- Amitabh Thakur’s status on Facebook –Jan.20,2014′ i unquote

Please read my views and experience with Gujarat’s corrupt system of NaMo @ narendramodi’s BJP government.It can show the way in the present impasse.

AAP’s Missed Opportunity:

Any minister or chief minister taking a course of agitation is nothing but admitted failure of governance on the part of the respective government or minister or chief minister thereof. This approach leads to chaos and breakdown of the system.

Supreme Court of India in a recent order instructed IAS, IPS and other babus alike to insist for written orders and or instructions from administrative superiors and or political, elected bosses. Media downplayed this news for obvious reasons. AAP, IAC and all NGOs should unite and work on this SCI judgment.

There is confusion about the jurisdiction of Govt.of Delhi, Lt.Governor of Delhi, Ministry of Home Affairs of Govt.of India vis a vis Delhi’s Police. Who controls and commands Delhi Police? What is the role of Union Home Secretary and Home Minister?

Arvind Kejriwal missed the opportunity to change the system. He should have convinced his minister colleagues to put down all administrative instructions on paper in absolute black and white. They could have made their own-selves to be responsible and accountable for all instructions and orders. They could have decided collectively to refrain from passing oral orders. From President of India to any minister of the lowest rank always avoid passing written orders. The main cause of unaccountability lies in this system. Any officer, gazetted or otherwise who takes decision and act is held responsible.

If top IPS officers in Gujarat would have insisted for getting written orders either from Amit Shah the then minister of state in department of home affairs or from Narendra Modi, the then & present chief minister of Gujarat for a series of encounters and during riots in 2002,they would not have to languish in prison. Instead NaMo and Amit Shah would have been behind bars.

Once irritated by the irrational behaviour of superiors and ministers, section officers in Gujarat sachivalya stopped attending files without superiors’ or ministers’ notings. It hardly took a month or so. All so called powerful bosses including NaMo came round and subsequent to that event all of them ‘behaved’.

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One Response to “AAP’s Missed Opportunity”

  1. Hemen Parekh Says:

    AAP is the new Google !

    Eric Schmidt , Chairman – Google , was in India a few weeks back

    In an interview , he said ,

    ” It is quite possible that the next Google comes out of India ”

    May be he was thinking of AAP !

    Because AAP is the new Google

    Within months of being launched ( Sept 1998 ) , Google left behind the mighty and powerful , established search engines like Yahoo / MSN ( Bing ) / AOL / Alta Vista / Meta Crawler / Excite / Ask Jeeves etc

    In a similar fashion , ONE YEAR old AAP will soon leave behind , the mighty and entrenched political parties of India , such as , Congress / BJP / BSP / SP / TMC / CPI (M) / AIDMK / DMK / BJD / RJD etc

    Why is that not only ” possible ” but also highly ” probable ” ?

    Just look at what is happening on the streets of Delhi since yesterday morning

    Arvind Kejriwal – and his cabinet ministers – are sitting on a ” Dharna ” , near Rail Bhavan – and even sleeping on the footpath !

    They are raising their voice and challenging the ” ESTABLISHMENT ” of the corrupt / the criminals / the callous / the Congress

    For the first time in the history of independent India , the Ministers are not sitting in their air-conditioned Mahels

    They are out in the Mohallas , leading the people , ready to be arrested / lathi-charged / what have you !

    Without deviating from their peaceful , non-violent means

    They are walking in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi / Martin Luther King / Nelson Mandela / Dalai Lama

    They will teach the oppressed people of the World , how to bring about a change – democratically , without resorting to guns

    Nearly 72 years ago , on 9th Aug 1942 , Mahatma Gandhi asked British to ” Quit India ” – peacefully

    And gave to the people of India , mantra of ” Karenge ya Marenge ” !

    There is a strong possibility that the history may repeat today , outside the Rail Bhavan !

    People of India are welcoming the rise of the new GOOGLE in their political sky !

    * hemen parekh ( 21 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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