A Case of Namo and his loyal Indian idiots

Hello world,
Indian political circus is now busy in the USA.Reason? Rajnathsinh is canvassing for NaMo’s US visa. Only he ,NaMo and their supporters know and make us believe that US Visa for NaMo is a matter of life and death for America and India.
i invite you to read the following piece and prove me wrong without any mercy.

i quote,
“65 MPs write to Barack Obama: Don’t give visa to Narendra Modi – The Times of India
One letter was signed by 25 Rajya Sabha members and the other by 40 Lok Sabha members written on Nov 26 and Dec 5, 2012, and re-faxed to the White House on Sunday.
The Times of India.”

It’s a world of Indian idiots !

“These 65 members of parliament, Rajnathsinh,BJP’s national president,NaMo@Narendra Modi,NaMo’s overzealous Media PR Team, NaMo’s canvassers in the USA are all superfine idiots.They simply forgot USA’s procedures for immigrant and nonimmigrant visa.NaMo is not the Prime Minister or the President or the Vice president of India.He is the Chief Minister of India’s state/province of Gujarat.Gujarat is not the only state, it is one of many states.NaMo does not qualify for diplomatic visa,enjoyed by state heads of Iran ,Palestine, Cuba and North Korea,whose leaders’ entry into the USA is restricted only to their visits to UN Head Quarters.NaMo has to apply for non immigrant visa.File necessary papers and appear before the interviewing visa officer at US Consulate General at Navi Mumbai.US Secretary of State,the Vice President and the President have no sanction or authority whatsoever to doubt or change or challenge the discretion of the respective officer.

i know of a case where Indian visa seeker submitted a letter by Condoleezza Rice ,the then Secretary of State at the time of interview.No need to say, he was not issued visa then,but never thereafter.The young visa officer smiled and put aside the said letter. i still fail to understand why my friend used that letter purportedly given for another reason in very different context.

Even if an alien is granted multiple entry visa in visitor’s category or businessman’s category,the immigration officer at the US port of entry can /may deny permission to enter US and order deportation the very next moment.The Immigration Officer at US port of entry is another officer who has discretionary powers not interfered with by any one including the President of the USA.

That is the law. Americans abide by it,therefore America rules over the globe.It is not Pax India-na ,it is Pax America-na.We as Indians take law very very casually and are often proud in disobeying it.That is the difference.

The Govt of USA should prepare a list of Indian Americans .to throw them out as they have proved repeatedly beyond doubts that as American citizens they are not loyal to America and have basic instincts to violate or circumvent the legal system in the country of their citizenship.

We are all idiots ,therefore forget very conveniently that we are interfering with USA’s internal policy matters.They know what is best for the USA.Let NaMo apply and let them decide.

Rajnathsinh has forgotten all political and diplomatic norms.That is enough for his credentials to be the president of a national party.

What NaMo wants to achieve is very childish.If he is granted visa,he wants to play it as his victory over US Govt ! His Media PR Team wants to herald it as a victory that qualifies him to be the next Prime Minister of India.

Potential and proven law breakers,as they are , our Indian MPs who are supposedly the signatories of the letters to the President of the USA, used signatures of two communist leaders by forging them using ‘copy and paste technique’.So that shows where we have come to stand.

i unquote.

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