Media and NaMo

Hello world,

As of today NaMo@Narendra Modi is the most discussed politician.It may be regional,natioal and international media.That can be print media,TV channels,Internet-Social or Un-social Media-Facebook,Twitter, Google+ etc,Radio, Cell phone messages.What is the secret?

Media is ‘mythological May Danav’ for NaMo@ Narendra Modi. May Danav built a palace at Indraprastha for Pandavs and Draupadi. The palace had a pond designed to look like a carpet. Duryodhana set his foot on the ‘carpet’ and tumbled down in a pond. Everyone present laughed, so Draupadi remarked,’ Like father, like son’. ‘A blind man (Dhrutrashtra) ought to have a blind son (Duryodhana)’.This remark lead all Kurus and Pandavs to Kurukshetra, to wage an epic war, Mahabharata.

Today’s India is geographically short of Bharat of Mahabharata, but, politically it is worse than that of the epic. One fails to know and understand the other. No one is a gentleman and a good lady, of course in politics, among political parties and politicians. Every one knows the reality of others’ very dirty and filthy under clothes. All keep these secrets as guarded assets. All are combined and united to put a collective defense against law and Supreme Court of India. They are all in agreement to save skin from the clutches of law, may be RTI and election laws for disqualification , In short they want to remain above law for ever. NaMo is no exception . In Gujarat, he is the law of all laws. Naturally he is above all laws. Imagine what will happen to India if he succeeds to be the next Prime Minister. The media, corrupt as it was earlier, is bent upon to “create a Tiger out of a Rat “

The way readers and viewers are exposed to NaMo@ Narendra Modi by national and international media by every piece of calculated positive and / or negative publicity , it is proved beyond doubt that media is a real May Danav of 2013 having its definite designer price. It proves beyond doubt that media is corrupt and it can be corrupted totally and thoroughly.

To my guess NaMo has amassed INR 5000 Crores. The simple basis of this guess is this. Day before yesterday, a village clerk (talati cum mantri of a village panchayat) was ‘caught red handed’ by officers from anti corruption bureau while accepting a bribe of INR 1000/-from a citizen presumably a BPL Below Poverty Line card holder for issuing a certified copy of a family tree of a deceased relative required mandatorily for mutation ( procedure to delete deceased name and replace it with successors or inheritors’ names on the basis of death) in the Record of Rights( in a property register). Initial demand was of INR 2000/-The world witnessed Indian leaders fighting and vying for cheap publicity in the vicinity of unidentified dead bodies in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. To get any benefit from any body’s death has become the gruesome characteristic of Indian leaders and the administration ( from village to Rashtrapati Bhavan via Chief Ministers’ and Prime Minister’s offices). A village clerk is a very small creature or say ‘insect’ in India’s administrative prism. During NaMo’s record stint of rule he catered to all needs of numerous national and international ‘big buddies’. i am conservative in my calculations. No doubt NaMo is efficient administrator but he is the most corrupt chief minister Gujarat ever had. He has not deposited the entire loot at the national bastion of BJP, colloquially known and termed as Delhi’s Thugs.New Delhi is known for various types of thuggee. Children are taught to be beware of Delhi’s Thugs! NaMo has kept the majority amount with him. Sonia Gandhi and her puppies know this well because they, too, resort to same modus operandi.

Out of INR 5000 Crores, he can afford to spend INR 1000 Crores to bribe /corrupt media, one and all, no one spared. He has a budget of INR 1000 Crores to get folks for his rallies and meetings. Rs.05 ticket for his Hyderabad rally is anyway to convert his black money into white. Sonia Gandhi and her puppies need to keep mum and watch how NaMo creates traps, either for all other puppies or for himself. They need to learn and relearn
that ‘Only NaMo can defeat NaMo’.

Thanks to media, black money has started pouring in the market well before the declaration of 2014 Loks Sabha Election. ‘NaMo ne naman.’ Respects to NaMo. Long live NaMo, victorious or defeated…


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