Why Mukesh Ambani is Jittery?

Hello World,

After quitting American ‘lobbying effort market’, RIL tried to keep a brave ,bright and nationalist face. RIL pressnote said that “as Walmart is ‘active’ in India and the USA for facilitating own entry in Indian markets and trying all avenues of ‘canvassing and lobbying’ , RIL quits its ‘lobbying efforts in the USA”. We all know what it means. RIL and Mukesh Ambani’s agents failed miserably to implement Indian version of their modus operandi in the USA.

Mukesh Ambani and RIL  failed miserably to tackle Jay Pal Reddy.Yet they could get him out from Petroleum Ministry, but, atmosphere at present  is not rosy . Aravind Kejriwal and RGTIL-RIL Affected Farmers are proved as grey hounds ! Imminent amendment in RTI Act 2005 to bring all private,public-private partnership  and public sector companies in RTI ‘s jurisdiction has sent tremors in RIL as well as Antilia.It was stated by RGTIL representative at the hearing of this Blogger’s RTI Appeal at the  Appellate Authority under RTI at Navsari , Gujaratthat RIL as well as RGTIL are exempt from RTI. That was the blunder committed on behalf of RGTIL and RIL.The nexus between Govt. of Gujarat officers, judicial officers, media persons and politicians once unearthed, things started moving in a definite direction.

Now let us see what happens in the next phase.

Meanwhile, Mukesh Ambani and RIL made adjustments with Anil Ambani and ADAG Reliance . So once again Mukesh Ambani & RIL are at GSM !Pramod Mahajan is not there to help him. BJP can’t help as it could do in A B Vajpeyi’s tenure because HIS Silo is not there in PMO. Mukesh Ambani & RIL have very powerful Silo, Robert Vadra to help,but, he is busy saving his own skin and worried about his fate and life turning to imitate Feroze Gandhi’s life !

In this background the following report is to be evaluated.

i quote,

“BS Reporter | New Delhi March 8, 2013 Last Updated at 00:59 IST

Mukesh hits back at GSM players

Reliance Jio accuses COAI of malafide intention”

i unquote.

Now i submit my views/comments for your perusal and merciless criticism.

Mukesh Ambani would miss Pramod Mahajan & Pranab Mukerji as Finance Minister very much. Murli Deora, too, contributed significantly to his progress(!)& RIL’s numero uno standing. One has to imagine, if these gentlemen were not ministers, what would be Mukesh Ambani’s & RIL’s position in the past & at present. He & RIL should keep portraits of these gentlemen along with Dhirubhai Ambani’s portrait in Antilia & RIL’s premises the world over. Of course, he has to offer prayers to Indira Gandhi& all her successors as Prime Minister & Congress President. Why? Not implementing laws in all RIL matters. Or saying in refined or modest tone the successive governments at New Delhi & state capitals made the law enforcement agencies pliable & favourable to Mukesh Ambani & RIL. Forget about hundreds of draconian Indian laws terrorising Common Indian Citizens, if  only RTI ( Right to Information) is made applicable to RIL & its apparatus, Mukesh Ambani, Parimal Nathwani & all RIL officers will perspire  without summer or strenuous work out! Lawyers & judicial officers at every level worked/work very hard to protect Mukesh Ambani, RIL & Mukesh_Nita Ambani’s  ‘other’ interests! No new law or no amendment in present laws is necessary. If law prevails in its strict sense, Mukesh Ambani will be out of Antilia.

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