Indian Manipulators Corrupt Western Universities

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My Waterloo Fame NaMo is once again at his best ! The more US Govt. denies him US Visa, the more NaMo gets panicky & his hench-persons become fanatic in getting him a favourable toy ! For Narendra Modi the recognition by the USA in the form of diplomatic or non immigrant visa in business ot visitor category, even if for a single entry , is a sure password for his ascension to the post of prime minister of India.What a pity ! A man aspiring for the ultimate in Indian politics craves for the US visa!He indulges in all sorts of manipulations, arm twisting & blackmailing.What will happen to India ,if NaMo happens to be the prime minister of India? His PMO will be a den of RATTAN !Ruia,Adani,Tata,Torrent,Ambani and Nirma will manage India on behalf of Narendra Modi and his party (!) BJP.

Indian news papers & electronic media high lighted the following sponsored item.

i quote,

“After Modi snub, Sena leader Prabhu cancels Wharton visit; businessman Gautam Adani too pulls out

PTI | Mar 4, 2013, 03.13 PM IST”

i unquote.

The Wharton India Economic Forum is an annual student-run India-centric conference hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Cancellation of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s keynote address at the Wharton India Economic Forum at the annual event to be held in Philadelphia,US  evoked instant reactions in India.Shiv Sena’s Suresh Prabhu is a politician like Narendra Modi.No surprise ,if he sings NaMo tunes .Gautam Adani is a king pin in this drama. He stage managed NaMo’s lecture in absentia. NaMo has a terrible fad for his on line/wire live address telecast.Gautam Adani secured an invitation for NaMo.Both of them never knew that all of the Indians are not their friends. Many of these NRIs, PIOs, US citizens are neither loyal to the USA nor to India.They are best loyal to their self interests.Americans are yet to know & realise this. Adani & NaMo realised and lost credibility proving themselves very childish in national  & international politics.In the game they sacrificed the credibilty of Wharton.

It seems universities in the UK & the USA  are facing financial crisis. The drama & façade of sponsorship by Indian business persons & industrialists spread from one institute to another like an infectious disease. LSE was the first to be corrupted by  none other than Nita Mukesh Ambani. As every one knows, Nita was never a brilliant student. She, on her own, can perform in the same manner as any other middle class Indian woman can do. The moment she is identified as wife of RIL Chairman & MD, she becomes ‘expert’ of so many things! She was invited long back to deliver a lecture at London School of Economics! Obviously the script of her speech was ghost written. For LSE this is not new. The prestigious UK institute awarded a doctorate to Libya’s Gaddafi’s son. The reason being Libyan dictator contributed lavishly to this British institute.

StanfordUniversity of the USA went one step ahead. The student Union there elected Isha Ambani , the daughter of Nita & Mukesh Ambani as President. The Indian president of student union invited her mother Nita Ambani & Indian charmer Shah Rukh Khan at an auspicious event. Nita –SRK duo flied to the USA in RIL’s plane. SRK resorted to his cheap publicity stunt at the USA airport & tried to make mockery of otherwise impeccable Homeland Security of the USA. Then SRK presented himself as a hero. Isha & Nita Ambani facilitated SRK’s stunts. If StanfordUniversity bags the privy purse why Harvard should remain at the bottom of the list? Harvard ,too, reportedly invited SRK, now a habitual violator of all norms complied by all visitors to the USA.SRK considers himself a VVIP , who should not be frisked or subjected to security check at any airport , specially American one, where any minor drama can fetch him the maximum media attention. IndianAirport authorities are brainwashed by such megalomaniacs & pamper their ego to horrible extent. These stupid fellows carry this egoistic hallo to foreign lands. The question is why institutes like Harvard, Stanford & LSE become tools?

The recent case of Wharton is a continuity of the same infectious disorder. Is Wharton financially weak? Do this forum organize seminar & discussions at the risk of a foreign sponsor? What is the extent of favourable deliberation to accommodate the needs of such a sponsor? Gautam Adani & Mukesh Ambani accrued the maximum benefits under Narendra Modi. Previous chief ministers never lacked behind in doing so. Narendra Modi has excelled & acquired mastery in manipulating the ultimate manipulators! Gautam Adani’s spontaneous withdrawal of his sponsorship proves that his gesture was conditional. The prime criterion of Adani’s Wharton sponsorship was Wharton’s readiness to provide a platform to Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi & Gautam Adani have proved that they do not deserve such favours at any cost. Narendra Modi now needs to concentrate on his job, i.e. attending the office of the chief minister of Gujarat .He should remember,always, that Mr. Ahmedinejad, the Iranian leader & Mr.Kim of North Korea don’t crave for US Visa or any direct or indirect recognition by the USA. Friends of INC (Congress) have tarnished Nehru-Gandhi Family’s image. Friends of BJP or Friends & fans of NaMo damaged Narendra Modi’s interests. NaMo is Mr. No Body in the life of any institute. A Wharton Degree to an ordinary Ambani scion is considered in India as a matter of give & take. It gives a very bad signal to all Indian students who are real gems that things in the UK & the USA are no better than India, Academicians the world over are not free from corruptibility.

For the British & the Americans, it is now or never. They need to control very effectively Indian money bags that have corrupted the Indian system in toto. They have corrupted Indian polity in toto.Indian parliament and state assemblies are full with their goons and agents.India Administration is already occupied by their appointees. Indian Military has started showing decay.Indian Judiciary is trying very hard to maintain independence.But Italian politician Berlusconi’s dictum is implemented here for long.There is nothing wrong to give bribe for business promotion.There are reported cases of their successful  bribing the judges in India.They have corrupted successfully India and they are now to conquer the UK & the USA in their goal of subserving their own business, personal and financial gains. May God save the systems in the UK & the USA.


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