Narendra Modi’s Waterloo: 01/03

Narendra Modi’s Waterloo: 01 / 03

Election: Gujarat Legislative Assembly: December 2012

Hello World.

For the first stage of this election, few candidates have filed their nominations. Pressures and counter pressures are there for everybody concerned with the process. Election Commission of India and,Hon’ble Mr. Justice Markandey Katju,chairman of the Press Council of India and all PUCL workers throughout India and world should note that media and media persons are very much afraid to write anything regarding Navsari MP CR Patil and his dummies namely Sangita Patil (Limbayat candidate) and Harsh Sanghvi (Majura candidate).Persons of highly objectionable history and track record were elected only in the name of Narendra Modi during past decade. He has not taken care to control his dummies. Gujarat and people of Gujarat suffered a lot due to these elected representatives. Though Narendra Modi is on his highest and enviable  height of popularity, i consider it my solemn duty to post this Blog as his worst critic and the best supporter.

This election has far reaching implications. BJP ,RSS and other saffron outfits are in the process of losing credibility on the count of corruption in ranks and files. It may be termed as the beginning of dismemberment of dreams dear to my all time favourites namely Dr.Hedgevar Saheb, Guruji@Guru Golwalkar, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukerji,Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyayji,Laxmanrao Inamdarji, Narayanrao Bhandari, Manubhai of Merai, and many more who trained me at Gokhru Ground Shakha at Vadodara. Due to my association with the Sangh, i was served a show cause notice for termination of my medical studies/admission by the then Dean of Govt. Medical College ,Baroda. i left Sangh with heavy heart.By looking at today’s BJP,RSS , VHP, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini and ABVP,I feel that i have been saved from all stigmatic activities of my once dearest organisations. i post this Blog not to run down any body, but, i want to remind my fellow citizens that as it has happened in Gujarat, Narendra Modi is the only person capable of making Modi BJP on all India basis.That is probably the last hope for BJP. Of course Congress minus Sonia_Rahul Gandhi is infinite zeroes.Both mainstream parties are on historic turning point and we are part and parcel of the events which will shape our future.

Dear citizens, over to you.

CR Patil might have threatened to resign and join Keshubhai Patel’s Gujarat Parivartan Party along with his supporters. Narendra Modi was misguided by his own confidents on this count. All of them overrated CR Patil’s personal clout. Looking at the track record of his economic and business (?) activities ,he always needed support from government officers, politicians, thugs, musclemen and powers calling the shots. He tried his hands in textile, news paper publication, building construction, land developing, organising housing societies but could never achieve any remarkable success in any.For him,politics is the only profitable full time profession without any risk and capital investment.He always needed partners who could muster human and financial resources. He thought it fit to acquire foot hold in political and business circles as a news paper proprietor. It is noteworthy that he could not muster his own funds to launch Sai Prakashan Private Limited and New Surat Times. In the capacity of chairman his and in the capacity of a director, his wife, Gangaben’s capital was negligible. As chairman of Sai Prakashan he consolidated his standing in maharashtrian community in Surat and elsewhere. Statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji at Sahara Darwaja, Surat is a testimony to his rising. As a news paper owner he could successfully coerce govt. officers, business community, political and social adversaries. He flaunted all labour laws and eventually jumped from the sinking ship. His dealings with Diamond and Navsari People’s Co-op. Banks resulted in the closure of both banks. His chairmanship of a Gujarat Govt.’s PSU helped him to acquaint IAS officers who eventually helped him for his acquisitions of lands for CR Patil Nagar. The occupants of these vertical slums in his name remember him 24x7x52 for evergreen hardships CR Patil has gifted them and show their blocks as testimony and permanent embodiment of CR Patil’s so called fair dealings. He has avoided all government scrutiny leading either to punishment or penalty by using his proximity and relationship with Narendra Modi. Close verification of his affidavits filed from time to time in various cases and Lok Sabha nomination papers with Election Commission of India reveals interesting facets of the person and his life! He is reported to own 300 vighas of agricultural lands in Gujarat and possibly Maharashtra. Gujarat has revenue / land legislations limiting holding of agricultural lands by an individual unit of husband and wife. His land holdings might be benami or in the name of his office staff like Sangita Patil or close relatives. Lok Sabha Secretariat, Election Commission of India, India Against Corruption, Gujarat Government’s revenue department as well as Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party can throw more light on this subject.

CR Patil has conducted his activities under the watchful eyes of Bhaskarrao Damle @ Damleji, RSS boss who is at present in Keshubhai Patel’s bandwagon.

This is CR Patil’s resume in brief and this can assume a book form as well. i have no intention to belittle this political tout and make him a hero who has incidentally become the Member of Parliament and represents me and my constituency solely due to mercy of a single man, Narendra Modi. This Common Man@CM of Gujarat has such Navratna MPs, MLAs and Panchratna Ministers. Allegations leveled by Keshubhai Patel and Congress leaders against Narendra Modi are not all baseless. However the fact remains that Narendra Modi is the second best Chief Minister, next only to my teacher, Dr. Jivraj N.Mehta. Narendra Modi competes in corruption  with the rest of the Gujarat chief ministers. Narendra Modi is well saddled to show respective dirty face in a suitable mirror to Keshubhai Patel, Suresh Mehta, Shankersinh Vaghela and others in the list.

If a man like CR Patil who is an all time parasite can blackmail Narendra Modi, it reflects very badly on the victim. What sort of weak man, Narendra Modi is? How can he be entrusted a job of the next Prime Minister of India? What damage  CR Patil can do to Narendra Modi? CR Patil minus Narendra Modi is equal to infinite zeroes. If he quits BJP, even Sangita Patil and Harsh Sanghvi will desert him. He will have to learn to cry afresh. All candidates are Narendra Modi’s dummies. No one has individual capacity to win. Election Commission of India has tightened noose for Narendra Modi. Advantage Narendra Modi. No candidate can win election by popular tricks and methods by using money and muscle. Everyone should learn by heart the cardinal fact of 2012 and coming days that when a voter votes for BJP, he/she does not vote for BJP or Lotus, he/she always votes for Narendra Modi. This has always happened during all elections during past ten years. If a rat like CR Patil thinks that he has become a tiger, he is mistaken, A rat is a rat and Lord Ganesh too will not accept him to bear HIS weight! If he resigns, he will lose his membership of Lok Sabha on the very next moment.

It is an open secret that Govt. of India (UPA 2) desires to demolish Narendra Modi in his home state. UPA 2 desires to turn Election: Gujarat Legislative Assembly: December 2012 as Waterloo for Narendra Modi. If it is done, there will not be any problem for Rahul_Sonia Gandhi in/after ensuing election to Lok Sabha.


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12.@narendramodi Issue mandates to Sangita Patil,HarshSanghvi to withdraw candidature,confirm any dummy in Majura & Limbayat.U r imp,not any 1

11.@narendramodi Be sure,CRPatil going to replace all voters on voting day in Majura & Limbayat to ensure dummies’ victory! Wake up.time for u.

10.@narendramodi Poor CR Patil had to escort Sangita Patil at the time of nomination/filing of papers.Harsh Sanghvi did not get CR’s company.

9.@narendramodi CR Patil’s wife Gangatai,welcomes Sangita Patil,Harsh Sanghvi ,performs ‘arti’ & wishes victory.WhyMurlidhar’s wife unhappy?

8.@narendramodi Who does not like a beautiful lady? Males with black complexion like beautiful,fair ladies. Poor CR Patil is crucified wrongly.

7.@narendramodi CR Patil’s beautiful office asst Sangita Patil gets Limbayat ticket.His supporter Murlidhar’s wife envy Sangita’s assets !

6.@narendramodi CR Patil studied upto ITI,His Majura & Limbayat dummies studied upto 9. What a selection & what a selector?God Bless,Save Modi .

5.@narendramodi What is Sangita Patil to CR Patil?Is she his niece? Is she his personal assistant?Is she related anyhow to CR Patil?

4.@narendramodi Is165 Majura candidate Harsh Sanghvi a history sheeter ? What Surat Police Special branch has to say about him ?

3.@narendramodi Is Harsh Sanghvi boycotted by his family? Is he under investigation of Kamrej Police station ?

2.@narendramodi Voters r educated , candidates uneducated.Paradox.Law makers need primary,secondary & college education .IAS Secretaries enjoy.

1. @narendramodi BJP’s majotrity assembly candidates educated std 5 to std 12.’Vanche Gujarat, Bhane Gujarat ,Shikhe Gujarat pan NETA ABHAN.

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One Response to “Narendra Modi’s Waterloo: 01/03”

  1. Narendra modi biography Says:

    “If we want to build a grand Gujarat, I will need your support. Forget all candidates. I am your candidate,”
    This are the words of Mr. Narendra Maodi and it means that modi believes that where their is BJP in Gujarat he is always their for everyone. That’s the spirit of great soldier Narendra Modi…
    A man who deserve to be PM of India

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