Narendra Modi’s Waterloo : 01/02

Narendra Modi’s Waterloo : 01 / 02

165 Majura Assembly constituency

Hello World,

Gujarat is getting ready for electing representatives to legislative assembly. War of nerves is at the extreme. Election Commission of India is determined to see that this election proves to be trend setter. Money power, muscle power coupled with political power is within controllable hemisphere. Press & electronic media seem to be responsible for the first time since the first general election. Media persons have to control their desire and greed to earn fabulously by filing paid news, views and advertisements. Editorial discretion is probably under constant vigilant scrutiny of the competitors, readers and more so of the Election Commission of India. Media at large and media persons in general are in a pitiable condition due to helplessness they experience in their overt and covert inability to make or mar the fortunes of the political party of their favour or dislike. This time, candidates in Gujarat know it too well that it is their first or last chance to get elected to the assembly not on their own capacity to win, but, in the name of the leader, be it Narendra Modi or Sonia_Rahul Gandhi. BJP in Gujarat is nothing but Modi-BJP Congress in Gujarat has no face other than that of mother son duo.

One man party, as it is called, BJP is a hopeless, worthless, spineless party made up of numerous mediocre workers who often pose as leaders .They are in nut shell manipulators. Saffron outfits like VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, and Durgavahini were given definite jurisdictions or areas of influence in govt. and semi govt. set up to make easy bucks by transfers and other services (!) rendered to the needy, be it general public or govt. employees. Narendra Modi abolished these areas of saffron influence as a successful measure to rout out corruption. As a result these outfits and their followers were rendered useless. Basic workers, the back bone of electioneering, lost the interest and gradually ceased to be effective. Corruption was apparently controlled but not really. Narendra Modi’s Gesatapo and KGB like functioning created a centralized machinery to accrue all benefits of the absolute power. Decentralised corruption was replaced by centralized corruption. The worst hit was Keshubhai Patel and politicians like him whose files were not getting any headway anywhere. All disgruntled elements thus got united under the banner of Gujarat Parivartan Party and mainstream Congress. Builders, land organizers, developers, industrialists, diamond merchants, jewelers, fraudulent elements, scamsters and black marketers, liquor traders, land grabbers, mafias, hard core criminals were the least affected by centralized set up of Narendra Modi and his regime. On the contrary they flourished and multiplied manifold to the extent of blackmailing the so called all powerful Narendra Modi ! Modi had to succumb to political touts like C R Patil. This has eroded Narendra Modi’s image to unimaginable extent.

The real politick of Gujarat, Narendra Modi and Congress is interesting in the sense that it has changed the game plans and game rules of many. Those who enjoy patronage of the present system want to be the decisive factor, irrespective of lack of any qualification, in all matters and manners. Mere proximity to Narendra Modi, in depth knowledge of his dealings and dependence on them become the greatest weakness of a person who aspires to be the next Prime Minister India. What could be the compulsions for this sort of surrender to CR Patil?



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