Narendra Modi’s Waterloo : 01 : Majura

Narendra Modi’s Waterloo : 01

Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi surrendered to political blackmail of the erstwhile bank scamster and present  Navsari MP C R Patil. Obviously he is paying dearly for the support he landed to CR Patil for a whitewash of the scamster’s political, economic & social standing & reinstatement in all manners.This ‘Janta Raja’@ Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj  of Gujarat is stabbed by the man who has introduced himself everywhere as Modi’s Khas Admi. After Narendra Modi laundered CR Patil , he has not changed a bit. Basically he is a smart turn coat and a traitor to his immediate boss , political or otherwise.The boss mab be a ASI,PSI,PI, DySP,DSP where he served once and suspended for heroic activities. He used to address  Kashiram Rana ,‘saheb’. For C. R. Patil, “sahib / saheb” went on changing till he himself became a ‘saheb’ ! Now this sahib is out to outwit maverick Narendra Modi.CR Patil is now ready to give a hardkick to the man who salvaged him from prison.

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Modi’s  Waterloo : 01 11. @narendramodi    Please see my Tweets addressed to   Narendra Modi Blog@thenarendramodi.

10. @narendramodi    Is Harsh Sanghvi a link between   builders,P.R.,R.C.F.,& a gang of land grabbers ?

9. @narendramodi    Harsh Sanghvi puts up at Dharam   Palace.What is the price he paid for his flat?What are his known sources of   income?

8. @narendramodi    Is he credible,creditable,reliable   & grass root worker ? Except Damle-Patil’s men,women who will support   & work for him ?

7. @narendramodi    What is the financial background of   Harsh R. Sanghvi ?Is he related to Subodh Sanghvi or Chandrakant Sanghvi ?   His assets?  

6. @narendramodi    What is the age & experience of   Harsh sanghvi in Surat’s   politics, BJP politics? Is he a diamond cutter, broker, merchant?

5. @narendramodi    Harsh Sanghvi was NCP member 3 years   back How & why he is in BJP?Damle-Patil manipulate him for ulterior   motives .

4. @narendramodi  Majura’s candidate designate Harsh   R.Sanghvi is in list of suspected individuals to be probed by SRT- DCB for   land scams

3. @narendramodi    CR Patil is Damle-Keshubhai’s Trojan   Horse in Modi’s BJP.Rebellion against Modi has started from most unexpected   Modi men

2. @narendramodi    CR Patil is B. Damle’s dummy.Damle is   with Keshubhai Patel’s GPP.Damle is yet to explain & justify CR Patil’s   bank scams.

1.    @narendramodi    Guj CM Modi surrenders to covert GPP   man CR Patil’s blackmail ,allots Majura & Limbayat seats to CR Patil’s   dummies .



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