Sonia Gandhi’s Photograph in GOI Ads

Hello World,

Facebook friends have already seen a tag posted by Dhiren Avashia. i simplified legal and technical issues involved in my comment .

Chairperson of UPA 2 is not a constitutional position. She is a member and  chairperson of National Advisory Council which advises Union Cabinet on policy matters. Her NAC position by a special act/provision by a Lok Sabha resolution. She enjoys cabinet minister’s rank and liable to get all benefits  and perks due to all cabinet ministers . Her position is definitely NOT superior  to Prime Minister . She is answerable to Prime Minister and both houses of Parliament. It is sheer impotency of our opposition and ruling political parties’  leaders that no one has even dared  to raise this issue in any forum. All members of Parliament have agreed that no one will raise her sari and peticoat above knee and her tribe will not raise opposition members’ dhoties ,lungies and pants above knee ! In no case any member will hit his/her adversary below the belt. Display of her photographs in all GOI advertisements can be challenged in a court of law. A PIL on the issue is sustainable in law and if PIL is admitted she can be made responsible for payment of advertisement bills. Over to Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan. If Prashant Bhushan agrees to plead my case FREE OF CHARGE, i am willing to file a PIL in SCI.i run a risk of fine by SCI for filing a PIL on a clumsy policy issue where my personal or any public interest is not  involved. 


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