Story of Two SILs

Story of two SILs :
SILs = son-in-laws :
Firoze Gandhi  & Robert Vadra :
Hello World,
India’s first lady, Sonia Gandhi is in news for odd reasons. Narendra Modi bluffed and bloated costs and financial provisions for her foreign travels,hospital  stay, stay in private hotels, treatment ( for cancer ).Digvijysingh is now in Houston,USA for a visit to a cancer institute.The dust storm is yet to settle and IAC leaders Arvind Kejriwale and Prashant Bhushan have put a very big question mark over Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra’s acquisitions of real estates , part of which related to DLF and rest of them to other parties.Badly back-torn Sonia Gandhi kept aside her discretion well maintained till now by her FM , P.Chidambaram.She mixed up Robert Vadra’s personal problems and issues with her own and identified Robert’s interests with those of her party, Congress.The equation often quoted by me in my Blogs, Facebook posts and Tweets is thus ratified by her.
The equation is :
Sonia Gandhi + Congress = 2 Sonia Gandhi
Congress- Sonia Gandhi = Sonia Gandhi = < Congress = 000
Congress + Sonia Gandhi+ UPA -2 = 3 Sonia Gandhi + GoI
Sonia Gandhi = GoI= Congress= Rahul Gandhi + Priyanka + Robert Vadra = Robert Vadra
Congress=Sonia Gandhi= Robert Vadra
The ultimate scenario takes them to Jawaharlal Nehru’s days in flashback.
It seems history is repeating in a reverse and ironical manner.Nehru family is exposed in a very bad situation, As every one knows Nehru dynasty consists mainly of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Nehru-Gandhi, Rajiv (Nehru-)Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi,Rahul Gandhi,Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra & Vadra children. Indira Gandhi’s husband was Firoze Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi’s husband is Robert Vadra.Firoze Gandhi was a Congress MP and Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister. T.T.Krishnamachari was his finance minister.Haridas Mundra bungled LIC’s funds with the knowledge (and tacit permission ) of the FM & PM.Firoze Gandhi raised this issue in the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting and then in the Lok Sabha.Jawaharlal Nehru was compelled to ask for TTK’s resignation which followed soon.Issue was the dealing of investor LIC and businessman Haridas Mundra.Apparently everything was fine,legal & transparent. Nehru pleaded non guilty yet TTK had to resign.Reason ? The opposition was very powerful & had no black sheep in its rank & file.
Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi,UPA-2 Chairperson & member, chairperson of National Advisory Council ( super cabinet ). He is the borrower & investor of DLF.DLF lended money to Robert Vadra’s companies.With that money he bought properties from DLF and other parties in fabulous,posh localities. Everything is in black and white.Apparently the deals,transactions are legal and transparent.As a result, a poor borrower becomes a very rich investor without incurring any interest loss on borrowed sums. On paper debts are too reduced ,but, the properties remained in the same bulk/volume.This is not happening with every Indian.It is a miracle experience of one individual, Robert Vadra.Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh ( Kohli ) is a wizard and this is his government’s magic .Here in Robert Vadra’s case, six central ministers including finance minister P.Chidambaram and law  minister Salman Khurshid pleaded non guilty for Robert Vadra. Why ? Sonia Gandhi instructed to do so. Why ? Robert Vadra is her son-in-law, therefore he is not a private person as told by FM ,but, he is the only son-in-law of Congress Party ! Why the entire opposition is deaf,dumb,silent or mute? Everyone in the rank and file is tainted ,corrupt and having sons or sons-in-laws as ‘honest’ as Robert Vadra !
Arvind Kejriwale & Prashant Bhushan have a point here.How?

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