Narendra Modi’s Bluff

Narendra Modi’s Bluff

Hello world,

Narendra Modi and Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi’s spokes tribe Digvijaysingh and Manish Tiwari provide a lot of humour, laughter and entertainment to all Indians and few foreigners. Narendra Modi was easily misled by a conjectural yet deductive news paper report on information supplied by Ramesh Verma, RTI activist of Hissar. Sonia Gandhi is facing accusations by Narendra Modi regarding misuse of public funds /national exchequer/tax payers’ money for foreign travels, stay/ accommodation in star hotels,and hospitals for treatment abroad for ( her own self ) and her mother, a confirmed bonafide citizen of Italy. Sonia Gandhi incurred all expenses in the capacity of an ordinary member of Lok Sabha, lower house of Indian Parliament. Narendra Modi overlooked the fact that Sonia Gandhi is a member, chairperson of the National Advisory Council, and thereby enjoys the status of a Cabinet Minister of the Government of India. Of course, that is not the status of the President of the Republic of India and the Prime Minister of the Government of India.

During and subsequent to her personal treatment at the leading US Cancer Hospital, she withheld all information under the wrap of her right of privacy. She is maintaining privacy at the expense of Indian tax payers when this treatment is available in India. Does she mean that she is a special person, more special than any other Indian citizen/patient? Forget ordinary Indians, will she arrange for this facility for other Indian MP or minister?

Narendra Modi alleged that Rs.1880/-crores were thus misused by Sonia Gandhi for her absolute personal benefits and convenience. Eventhough she is protected by ‘privacy clause’, Narendra Modi holds her accountable for this national wastage. RTI activist clarified that he has never disclosed any figure. Interested quarters are believed to state that the figure was supplied by a news agency.

The pertinent questions are the following:

1. Presuming Rs.1880/-crores to be an exaggerated figure, what was/is the accurate figure involved?

2. For whom these near royal expenses were incurred?

3. What is the individual item wise break up of these expenses?

4. Under which ministry’s which budget head these figures were sanctioned and released to be paid?

5. What is the time duration of the said expenses?

6. Were these expenses ever discussed on the floor of the parliament?

7. If only the figure is highly exaggerated and the issue of the expenses remains as hard facts, why Sonia Gandhi is not responsible and answerable?

8. On whom the onus of proof lies?

9. If Narendra Modi fails to sustain his allegations ,what will Sonia Gandhi do ? Will she ever dare to drag Narendra Modi to a court of law? If yes, when?

10. If Congress holds Narendra Modi responsible for a series of serious financial, legal and constitutional lapses, why he is free and not behind bars as on today ?

11. What are benefits derived by Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra, Robert Vadra and Sonia Gandhi’s grandchildren?

12. What is the locus standi of Digvijay Singh and Manish Tiwari to issue explanations on Sonia Gandhi’s personal expenses and matters? Do they consider Sonia Gandhi and Congress as one?



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