Benghazi : US Exprience

Hello world,

We witness the crucial moments having potential to decide the future world.

Backlash in Benghazi is not unexpected. Revolutionaries cease to be revolutionary soon after the overthrow of the despot regime and consider themselves as the de facto ruler of the sort. They become lawless very easily and soon people find themselves in a situation murkier than the previous one. Prachanda’s tribe in Nepal disappointed one and all. Communists every where including Soviet Union and China disillusioned respective people. So it is observed that it may be easy to change/topple the government, but, it is equally difficult to provide a popular but viable alternative form of government and governance. 22Sept 2012

The main point we should all delve upon is the extent to which insiders and outsiders should react to issues related with/to Islam. A remote movie in the USA, still not seen, studied and scrutinised by many is capable of inciting people everywhere. That  questions everyone’s reasoning. The Americans won’t be able to prohibit such activities because their constitution forbids them. The rest of the world is free to react in the best or the worst manner depending upon the level of maturity of the concerned. Insiders in the USA take note only after the rest of the world reacts violently as the insiders in Libya did on the prompting by the Islamists in Egypt. Hard core Islamists in Libya misread the priorities of their own fellow citizens. Libyans wanted a rule of law, discipline in all walks of life, safety, security for life and livelihood. Whatever namesake government Libyans and Egyptians had before was the ‘private arrangement’ by the then ruling class. That addresses the issue of disciplined temperament of the people. The tolerance of the people has reached a boiling point. If Islam fails to answer this basic issue, the Prophet will be helpless and he will be certainly failed by his arch followers. The Prophet and his legacy will fail for the very reasons He succeeded in Mecca and Medina. All civilizations of the past disappeared despite the presence of the reigning Gods. So will ours, be it Islamic or no Islamic.    23 Sept.2012


Ambassador Christopher Stevens lost his life on a Libyan diplomatic assignment by President Obama. The events thereafter created havoc and panic in democratic circles in Arab and non-Arab world. The spirit of spring revolution vanished soon as the lawless armed volunteers of the revolution replaced everywhere the previous set up. The Americans, French , Germans and British thought in equal vein that all will be nice, smooth, favourable and rewarding in terms of easy favours in the form of men and material specially crude oil and minerals. All the shows of democracy after the Second World War were for control and supremacy over uninterrupted production and supply of crude oil, minerals and other natural resources. The Innocence of Muslims and Benghazi experience changed everything. Now the American diplomacy and Intelligence are shattered and shaken beyond imagination. CIA and to some extent FBI never took the number of American soldiers who laid their life, after 1945, on various war fronts and missions assigned to them. Governments everywhere are known to disown such loyal citizens for the sake of political, military and diplomatic convenience. No one bothers for the family members of such brave soldiers. Leaders of the governments accept flowers and then forget every thing. That is our Indian experience. i don’t think the situation is different in the USA and elsewhere. The policy makers in Pentagon and CIA have reasons to be nervous. No body in tie and diplomatic uniform is now readily willing to die in the manner of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The gathering and dissemination on information and intelligence now considered imperative for the interests of the USA and democracies throughout world requires strategic revision. The question is if policy makers are not ready to die themselves, then who is? How far love for country and material benefits will continue to lure prospective martyrs?? 26 Sept.2012


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