Julian Assange Case

Hello world,

Julian Assange is a role model for fearless, free and truthful journalists and journalism of that kind.

i chanced upon an article, “Assange asylum seen as travesty of justice in sweden”By Patrick Lann and Mia Shanley | Reuters – Tue 21 Aug, 2012   i sum up in simple terms what i understood of the ‘Assange episode’. i may be wrong in simplification of events.Pax Britannica, Pax Americana and Code de Sweden are unanimous in branding Julian Assange as a criminal and fixing him for his sins which are routine sexcursions for leaders and people sitting in high places in India and many Asian as well as western countries. Bed partnership or bedpartnering  is frequently solicited in appointments and promotions in Indian civil ,revenue ,administrative ,police ,foreign and judicial services. That is an open secret.

What for Manu Abhisek Singhvi is penalised by Indian media’s Kangaroo Courts ? His case is a test case.There are many in line !

My comments sent in response to Reuters story are for your perusal.

Julian Assange is facing a paradox in his life. He was invited to Sweden by a lady. He was facilitated to stay at her apartment. Both had sex with condom in the first act. After ‘enjoying’, she was fast asleep, when Assange as accusedly said by the lady had sex with her without condom. That made her apprehensive to suspect Assange to be suffering from HIV or in a carrier stage of that monstrous disease. The second lady accused him of sexploitation with or without condom. If this happens in India, nobody would even bother to pay attention to either of the ladies. It is taken for granted that when a lady invites a friend to stay over and sleeps with him, the consent of both individuals is not presumptive but conclusively of definitive nature. Subsequent sexcursions and abortions are routine affairs. Sweden is a country with unique set of laws on consensual sex. Nobody saw or heard or video-graphed Julian Assange in compromising situations with the dialogues on consent. It seems Assange is trapped and framed by these two notorious ‘lady friends’. It is difficult to believe that a person like Julian Assange relaxed his norms to this extent and got trapped. There is definitely something more hidden below the Swedish Carpet than it is apparently perceived.

With Swedish facade of justice and a sort of witch hunt or say name game , we in India associated with Indi Leaks, a poor copy of Julian Assange’s Wiki Leaks are the first casualty . We had to decide postponement of all publications and revelations by Indi Leaks sine die. As a fall out of Assange’s case in the U.K. we had acute shortage of resources and the most essential host servers. Leaks of any name, anywhere in the world is definitely a brainchild of Assange .All freedom lovers who are truth seekers also hope and pray for Assange’s safety and honourable legal resurrection by Sweden, Great Britain and the USA.


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