Fareed Zakaria Episode

Hello world,
Good day . i prefer to express my views on a very recent issue .
How far TIME and NEWSWEEK are authentic ?

I quote,” In a piece Fareed Zakaria wrote for Time on gun control after the tragic Wisconsin gurdwara massacre, he lifted a passage from Harvard University history professor Jill Lepore’s piece published in The New Yorker”I unquote.( The Fareed Zakaria episode and the hypocrisy of American media : Nadim Asrar) That is all about Time’s credibility.

Fareed Zakaria  must have delegated or assigned the job of writing this particular piece to a junior editor or writer as a routine affair. He/she must have lifted the relevant passage from Prof. Lepore’s write up. The art of ‘copy and paste’ did not work . Reason? Prof. Lepore is a contemporary figure. His write up appeared in The New Yorker . The hot topic is very recent. The FZ material was published in TIME.

In Indian set up, it is not a matter to be ashamed. From parliament to panchayat, films to TV serials, newspapers to magazines ,columns to guest articles, designs to dresses, interiors to exteriors , medicines to mechanics we have excelled in this art. The Chinese are our main competitors.

If there is a ghost writer, he can not be excused. He has to prove that his past write ups are written by him and not anybody else. If Fareed Zakaria has performed ‘copy and  paste’ trick himself, he has proved his Indian genes and what not.

Once  this happened with Indira Gandhi. She delivered an extraordinary speech, rich in content and diction. It was acclaimed by national and  international media and  experts. Then it was revealed that a part of the text was lifted from a write up of a Pakistani economist ( i beg your pardon. i fail to recollect his name).Indiraji, as she was , did not react. She was cool. A few days after the revelation, a report appeared that ‘Prime Minister usually writes her speeches, but, that particular speech was prepared by a speech writer. As far as my memory permits he was DP Dhar . The Pakistani expert was a contemporary economist and a renowned expert on Indira Gandhi’s subject of speech. He was magnanimous , large hearted and never mentioned Indian Prime Minister’s mistake anytime in public. DP Dhar did not lose his job. Fareed Zakaria lost his job , reputation and left a permanent blot on surname ZAKARIA.

As far as i have understood,publication of any news, artcle, write up, cover story , centre page story , it is a business for TIME, NEWSWEEK and any other Indian publication ( of repute or disrepute) . It is nothing but a successful PR Management at every level. Throw money and you get a report of your choice. Money prevailed when Narendra Modi was displayed on front page of Time. Nitishkumar’s money jump was a bit weak and short with the same Time.

i remember an incidence. City of Surat had devastating flood and plague with communal disturbance on the top of it. Surat’s Govt.MedicalCollege had one Prof. B.D. Parmar who managed to appear in a Time report of medical excellence during Plague. WHO was taken for a ride and the formation of a special institute for Plague research was anonunced. Nothing happened thereafter. i know for sure that Prof. B.D.Parmar used this prank to survive in service and ‘medical academic politics’.Unfortunately, i happen to be a journalist and medical doctor. Therefore i could see through Dr.B.D. Parmar’s games. Since then i cancelled subscription of Time.

We should never take media reports seriously. Unless & untill proved otherwise, all media reports , articles & write ups as doubtful.

Recent example is about a report in NEWSWEEK. It displayed 101 or so best eateries  in the world . i understand that  this Newsweek story is  meant for adult fools.

Remember , Newsweek is a cousin of Time !

Money is only key for them and their reporters and media agents.

Are we in a position to say favourable words about Indian media ? No, not at all.

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