RIL : Introspection Hour

RIL: Introspection Hour

Questions for Mukesh Ambani & RIL Share Owners

On the eve of AGM  June 07, 2012.

Hello world,

Many anxious inquiries are there for the source of these questions.Dhirubhai Ambani and his family’s activities fascinated me for long. However i decided not to be his path follower. Many of friends went those ways and short cuts only to land in ultimate miseries. Every one can not be Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. Dhirubhai left very rich vaults of money. They had the craft. Only when Nita tried to become alter ego of Tina, troubles started. Even the disputes made four of them landmark personalities. Probably Ambani Brothers are the only case in world’s corporate history where warring brothers apparently progressed & progressed.

Love for cheap publicity landed Nita Ambani with her Mumbai Eleven excursions and recent trip in  RIL plane to the USA with SRK ! That trip was a classical example of wasting share owners’ trust and money. Now the question is who paid the bill? RIL or Nita Ambani ? Like wise if the usage of RIL’s aircrafts by Gujarat’s chief minister and other political and non political persons is not from RIL money, the question remains, who paid it ? Is it not a case of misuse of Chairman’s powers and his family’s perquisites etc.? It those trips and usage of aircrafts are not reflected in accounts, it is a serios matter to be thought over by share owners. Are these facilities provided to RIL’s other share owners? Which are the conditions for usage of RIL’s aircrafts and four wheelers?

I come back to my interest in Ambani Family. I happened to be a junior assistant of TIE investigator of Dhirubhai Ambani and Reliance! My fascination led me in another direction. My ultimate bosses retired and lost interest in Ambani Family. Today I am very rich with the material worth writing a book like Polyester Prince:Part 02 !Indian courts prohibited the sale and circulation of original Polyester Prince. No court will be in a position to facilitate Mukesh Ambani this way in case of my book! Reason? RIL’s published materials and officers provide the explosive proofs and documents! Few of the Union and state ministers are very happy with my Blogs! In service and retired secretaries as well as IAS, IPS, IRS , IFS officers fuel my pipe lines. Nothing to worry, country’s interests are safe in those hands.

It is just possible that Mukesh Ambani may not be aware of the doubtful cobwebs of irregularities created and criminal activities by his officers in implementation of RGTIL project in five Indian states. But that would not save him from ultimate legal and financial responsibilities as well as liabilities. He should at once reprimand, suspend and dismiss the respective officers. He needs to win over all affected farmers and land owners. Even if all grievances are settled at farmers’ and land owners’ terms, all India figure would not come to more than one hundred crores. i think, Mukesh Ambani should remember his Father’s advice and leave aside power ego and win over love at the cheapest rate.

RIL and Mukesh Ambani have gifted India in a very strange way.RIL refineries at Jamnagar, Gujarat and RGTIL gas pipe lines are permanent ticking bombs posing safety and security risk. The trouble is that we have to accept that the safety and security switch in case of refineries is with Pakistan and in case of RGTIL gas pipe lines is with China! Mukesh Ambani should at once submit all gas pipe lines’ maps with minutest details to Union and respective state govt,s and broad outline geographical maps to respective collectors, mamlatdars and village panchayat sarpanchs. i inspected various sites ,i am sorry to state that i could not locate the gas pipeline route in familiar geographical areas! Satellite mapping and surveillance is useless in instances of accidents and explosions.

i foresee and forecast that all refineries at Jamnagar are going to be a replica of Union Carbide Unit at Bhopal. Let us see who turns out to be another Anderson of Indian origin and another Arjun singh to provide facilities for safe escape from India! Everyone knows what happened to victims, what was the compensation paid to them and how the Supreme Court of India protected the interests of  victims, Anderson, Union Carbide, politicians and Government of M.P. and Government of India……Now we don’t have any other alternative. We have to rely on Reliance Industries Limited …Let us wait… How much ? One year? Two years? Let Mukesh Ambani decide. He is a very very busy person.. 195 board relationships and parties at Antilia…..  

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