RIL : Matters of Ego

RIL:Questions for Mukesh Ambani & RIL Share Owners

On the eve of AGM  June 07, 2012.

Hello world,

As promised earlier i post questions 102 -126 for Mukesh Ambani and RIL’s Share

Owners .i await you reactions in any form.


102. Was this aforesaid C.A. disqualified ever by the Supreme Court of India’s order?

103. Who was the senior counsel for RGTIL/RIL in this case ?

104. Was he Mr. Rohinton F. Nariman ?

105. What were the fees paid to him?

106. What is the total figure of legal expenses in this particular case ( Nilkanth  Pandya

and Trilok Pandya vs. C.A. RGTIL (RIL),  GoI etc) from C.A.’s Court to Gujarat

High Court and Supreme Court of India ?

107.  What was the original compensation demand by Pandya Brothers?

108.  What is the present status of this case?

109.   Was Mr.Mukesh Ambani ever served a non bailable warrant by a court in Kerala?

110    Why this case was filed ?

111.   What was the outcome in that case ?

112.    Will RIL provide the list of advocates, counsels, senior counsels and re tired

Judges of High Courts and Supreme Court of India serving on its legal panel?

113.    What is the annual cost to RIL for legal services rendered by these panels ?

114.    Is this figure reflected in RIL’s annual report 2011-2012?

115.    Is it a case of payment for these legal services from ‘suspense account’, meaning

there by unaccounted money?

116.    Who keeps this account and money?

117.   What was the amount spent on Dwarkadhis Sansthan?

118.    What is the amount spent on Shrinathdwara Sansthan?

119.     Are there disputes and opposition to involvement of RIL/ Mukesh Ambani

/Parimal Nathwani/ Nita Ambani/ Kokilaben Ambani and their agents in day to

Day and important decision making processes of these Sansthans?

120.      Is it not a case of back door acquisition of these Temples’ administrations in the

form of a philanthropic donor ?

121.      What is the actual status of RIL’s Healthcare projects in Mumbai?

122.      Was it too a case of backdoor, undervalued acquisitions of trust properties ?

123.      Was there any violation of original donors’/trustees’ wishes?

124.      Who is/are the owner/owners of Antilia?

125.       Was RIL money involved at any stage of acquisition of waqf lands for Antilia

as an  undervalued deal with members of waqf board?

126.       Which are subsidiary companies, registered and unregistered having stakes of

RIL, Mukesh Ambani  and his family?

(To be continued)


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2 Responses to “RIL : Matters of Ego”

  1. Dipak Says:

    Great!! Proceed Ahead.


  2. Dipak Says:

    I am vey much delighted with your series of questions. You can not befool everybody!!!!


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