RIL : Questions for Mukesh Ambani and RIL Share Owners

RIL :  Questions for Mukesh Ambani and RIL Share Owners

On the eve of AGM June 07,2012

  1. What is the market capitalization of RIL?
  2. What is the number of employees?
  3. What is its contribution to national exchequer?
  4. What is the status of RIL-BP partnership?
  5. What is the tax and penalty liability of RIL-BP partnership?
  6. Where is the provision for these liabilities?
  7. What is the real purpose of Share Buy Back Programme?
  8. How it reflects RIL’s sound economic position?
  9. If RIL is economically sound and debt free, why devolution of profits not in the form of distribution of bonus shares to all share owners?
  10. What is number of shares held by Mukesh Ambani and each member of his family?
  11. Is it true that total number of shares held by Mukesh Ambani and each of his family members exceeds 50% of total equity?
  12. Is it not true that Share Buy Back Offer has helped RIL to maintain the share price and market capitalization in the current crash down of markets?
  13. Does it mean that so called debt free status and number one position is stage managed by parallel books of account, one for Mukesh Ambani and others for government & share owners at large ?
  14. Does it mean that current ranking/rating of RIL by Morgan Stanley and other agencies is too stage managed?
  15. What is the employee cost during financial year 2011-12 as compared to previous years?
  16. Does it mean that RIL has failed miserably to create new jobs even though its ever increasing market capitalization?
  17. Does it mean that Employees’ Liabilities are transferred conveniently to contractors?
  18. How many employees were sacked during 2011-2012?
  19. What are the reasons for this retrenchment or dismissal or ‘willful resignations” by RIL employees?
  20. Are employees compelled to resort to unlawful, extra legal methods to promote projects and other interests of RIL’s officers?
  21.  Are these unlawful practices in the form of unaccounted production schedules, manipulation of figures pertaining to energy and water, land acquisition and forging signatures of parties involved in dealings?
  22. Is it a clever manipulation of labour laws and laws regarding provident fund and gratuity?
  23. What is the status of RIL petrol pumps /outlets?
  24. What has happened to lands acquired for these outlets? Who is/are the title owner/s of these lands /properties?
  25. Is RIL ready to face inquiry in its acquisition/ operation of KG-D6 Block?
  26. What is RIL’s legal stand in a case pertaining to undue favours granted to RIL by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in acquisition of KG-D6 Block?
  27. Where is the provision for penalty for willful breach of conditions of operations and production in KG-Basin?
  28.  Is RIL ready to disclose facts regarding under valued acquisitions of IPCL, Baroda and KG Basin as well as other blocks  with the help of Murli Deora , Chandrababu Naidu and corrupt officers of GoI and  AP Govt?
  29. What is the status of RGTIL?
  30. Who owns RGTIL?
  31. Is RGTIL merged with RIL or is it off loaded from RIL to make it a personal property of Mukesh Ambani and his family members?
  32. What is the benefit of RGTIL to RIL’s share owners?
  33. Is it reflected in RIL’s Annual Reports 2010-2011 and 2011-2012?
  34. Who bears responsibilities for all types of cases against RGTIL?
  35. Are RIL’s officers implicated in cases amounting to cheating, fraud and forgery in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat?
  36. What is the number of cases against RIL/RGTIL in different courts throughout India?
  37. Are there Human Rights Violations in these cases & instances?
  38. Is RIL ready, courageous and transparent to form Ombudsman to inquire these cases?
  39. Is RIL ready to assign inquiries to Justice Balakrishnan, Chairman of NHRC?
  40. Is it not true that Justice Balakrishnan was instrumental in his capacity as CJI to “settle” cases pertaining to Ambani Brothers & RIL?
  41. What is Mukesh Ambani’s contribution to incomes of Justice Balakrishnan?
  42. What is area in acres of land acquired for RIL’s refineries at Jamnagar, Gujarat?
  43. What is the number of employees there?
  44. What is the number of land losers/descendents employed there?
  45. What is the number of Gujaraties employed there?
  46. Is RIL ready to give figures for all such RIL plants?
  47. Are RIL refineries at Jamnagar, Gujarat ticking bombs?
  48. Are they not very serious security hazard for entire Gujarat?
  49. What is the provision made by RIL for safety of these refineries?
  50. Are there enough anti air craft guns?
  51. Are there private commandos employed by RIL to protect the refineries against terrorists entering though sea or land or aerial routes?
  52. What/where is the provision for protection money?
  53. Does RIL propose/intend to rely solely on Government of Gujarat and Government of India for protection when GoI & various state governments have failed miserably to protect borders & individual citizens through out India?
  54. As he is the de facto proprietor of RIL by his and his family’s RIL share ownership amounting roughly to 62 %,is Mukesh Ambani ready to pay protection money to ISI, Pakistan Army Chief ,General Kayani, Government of Pakistan and terrorists of LeT, HM and other such outfits?
  55. Does Mukesh Ambani consider government of People’s Republic of China as a business partner loyal to interests of India and citizens of India?
  56. Has he not surrendered the vital details of gas transportation pipelines to an enemy country?
  57. Has he not helped the People’s Republic of China to survey and fix surveillance outfits at vital Indian gas and other installations and sites?
  58. As against 28,197 crores of rupees contributed by RIL to national exchequer during 2011-12, what is the amount spent by GoI and GoG for safety and security of Mukesh Ambani, his family, RIL,RIL plants and its refineries at Jamnagar?
  59. Is it proportionate in all respects?
  60. If not, what would Mukesh Ambani and RIL prefer to do?
  61. Would he/they deposit extra amount to exchequer?
  62. Why the amount spent in US Dollars in lobbying & canvassing for interests of Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani,Isha Ambani and RIL USA Inc.are not reflected in RIL’s annual report 2011-12?
  63. Is it true that a huge sum was reported to be spent for lobbying amongst senators, members of congress & officers of federal as well as provincial administration in the USA? We call it corruption in India. They call it lobbying!
  64. Being a domicile of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, why Parimal Nathwani preferred to contest election for Rajya Sabha from the state of Jharkhand?
  65. What is the amount spent & distributed amongst Jharkhand MLAs of all  parties for electing RIL officer Parimal Nathwani as a member of Rajya Sabha?
  66. What sort of philanthropic activities are conducted/undertaken by Parimal Nathwani in Jharkhand and New Delhi?
  67. What is the amount spent and distributed to members of parliament and union ministers under the guidance of Murli Deora and Parimal Nathwani?
  68. What is the amount spent for protection of Parimal Nathwani and  RIL’s interests in the state of Jharkhand?
  69. Is Parimal Nathwani a security risk for people of Jharkhand and unexploited vast, rich natural resources of Jharkhand?
  70. Which are the companies in India having benefits of Mukesh Ambani’s board  membership?
  71. Which are other Indian and international companies/corporations with whom Mukesh Ambani enjoys board membership/relationships?
  72. What are the salary, perquisites,allowances and commissions paid by these companies /corporations to Mukesh Ambani?
  73. What are the benefits delivered to him by Bank of America (Corporation)?
  74. What is the real reason for so called self restriction/ceiling of salaries Mukesh Ambani?
  75. Why is he silent about perquisites etc.?
  76. Why personnel & employees are recruited by Strategic Manpower Solutions and other such agents for RIL’s food supply chain, hyper marts and other retail out lets?
  77. Are these employees appointed on contract/fixed salary basis? Is it not the circumvention of labour laws?
  78. Is it not a sort of corporate funding or loaning done by RIL in acquisition of a stake in TV-18 Broadcast Limited?
  79. Is it not an attempt to buy favour from Andhra Pradesh media baron, Ramoji Rao by salvaging him from his economic cobweb?
  80. Is it not true that KG-Basin fields are in Andhra Pradesh where RIL acquisitions are opposed tooth & nail by all sections of people including Left Ultras known as naxalites?
  81. Is it true that RIL bribes news paper owners, editors, columnists , TV reporters, channel owners , anchors and journalists?
  82. What is the amount spent in INR and US $ as fees paid to Nira  Radia for lobbying in India and Burkha Dutt for a flat in Manhattan,USA?
  83. Is it true that RIL plants at Hazira and Jamnagar are involved in land and sea encroachments ?
  84. Which message is implied in JV with British Petroleum,which has earned notoriety in damaging ocean waters by failure to control spilling of crude in its wells?
  85. Is it true that huge sum is allegedly levied by Hemant Desai for admissions to Ambani’s educational institutions at Surat under various pretexts?
  86. Is it true that RGTIL/RIL has willingly not paid compensations to third party agriculturists under the pretext of provisions of the P. and  M.P Act 1962?
  87. What is the number of compensation cases against RIL/RGTIL throughout India ?
  88. What sort of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibilities are fulfilled when RIL/RGTIL refuses to comply fair legal norms in its dealings with agriculturists?
  89. What sort of Safety Initiatives for Community are implemented / undertaken at sites of RIL refineries & RIL/RGTIL Gas Pipe Lines in various states of India?
  90. Is it true that RIL has bribed villagers/ panchayat members by offering them jobs and various contracts under activities of RRDT at Hazira and  Jamnagar?
  91. What is the number of retired police officers (including IPS cadre), govt. officers (including IAS cadres),secretaries, IT officers (including IRS cadres, CBDT staff) employed by RIL ostensibly for favours granted to RIL during their service tenures ?
  92. Are there such members of RIL Board of Directors ?
  93. Who are they?
  94. What is the amount of salary, allowances , perquisites and commissions paid/granted to them?
  95. What are the sources of agricultural products sold at Reliance Fresh?
  96. Are they really farm fresh as claimed and proclaimed?
  97. Which are the sites and area in acres of RIL farms ?
  98. Are they under contract farming?
  99. What are the cases & instances of violations of provisions of land revenue code & ceiling laws for agricultural lands owned by RIL?
  100. What are the names of retired government revenue officers appointed as the Competent Authority at the time of land acquisitions by RIL?
  101. Who provided infrastructure facilities to the aforesaid  C.A .?

(To be continued


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2 Responses to “RIL : Questions for Mukesh Ambani and RIL Share Owners”

  1. rajiv Says:

    My Grandmother use to tell us story that- once upon a time there was a king, who had two queen. One was favorite /dearest /darling / Best loved & other queen was unwanted / most – unlike….At present this story can be converted AS…..-:-@ Government is like king (Ruler-politation/etc) & his favorite / dearest Queen is INDUSTRIALIST & Unwanted Queen is FARMER….
    Now this Dearest Queen has MANTHARA (a Slave women(dasi) of Keykay – mother of Bharat & step mother of RAM [RAMAYAN] )
    Now this Dearest Queen’s MANTHaRA has started seating in Parliament With MAHALAXMI (Rs. / $$$$)…..

  2. desaibankim Says:

    i received many messages, phone calls &personal visiters . All of them expressed anxiety about my safety & security.They have heard many stories about velvet gloves of Mukesh Ambani,Parimal Nathwani.,Hemant Desai,Jayesh Gajjar,Jatin Vakil and their subordinates.i affirm that only HE is the supreme force to protect me for ever.i don’t have to bribe HIM!This RIL gang pay regular visits to Dwarkadhis temple, Tirupati Balaji Temple, Shrinathji Temple, Ambaji Temple, Shirdi Sansthan and Ajmer Sharif for laundering their money and sins.They have a curse of million tons over their heart and mind because they manage successfully all the gods in New Delhi and all state capitals, but, have no agent/s to manage HIM,my ultimate God,Allah,Jesus,Asho . Blessings of my teachers late Mr. Justice N. K.Vakil, late Mr. Madhu Limaye, late Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia, late Mr. Charu Mazumdar ,late Dr.Jivraj N.Mehta, late Dr. A.B. Kothari and my parents as well as parents in law protect and guide me.

    i received the following e mail from Shri Dilipbhai Chasmawala, a philanthropist and the past president of SGCCI.

    Fw: Fwd: Subscribe Desaibankim’s Blog

    Message flagged
    Monday, June 4, 2012 7:47 PM

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Mr. chas
    To: bankim desai
    Cc: Rajiv Bhatarkar
    Sent: Monday, June 4, 2012 8:19 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Subscribe Desaibankim’s Blog

    Thank You Respected Bankimbhai for this very effective representation.
    I wish we form a group of 10 to 15 persons and in each group two to five members team,
    give them the training, and make representation at various dfarmers mandli, surpanch, mamlatders, police stations, collectors, mla’s, m.p.’s, ministers , revenue and police burocate’s at gandhinagar, chief ministers UNDER YOUR GUIDENCE AND LEADER SHIP.
    TAKE RS 5000/ each OR needed amt from the persons who are effected towards the cost of this printing/zerox/typing etc
    With your presence meeting collectors /police commmissioners/ senior’s and senior ministers etc.
    ALSO MEETING JUDICARY AT LOCAL LEVEL AND HIGH COURT and on need base supreme court too.
    THIS IS ONLY MY DESIRE How we can advocate our point, HOW EVER It is your’s decession how to make this meaningfull and effective. I ABIDE BY YOUR GUIDENCE ,Sir.
    H.a.n.d. Sir
    With Warm Regards Dilip N Chasmawala

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