RIL’s Mukesh Ambani & Shibulal of Infosys

Item on Reuters:

RIL’s Mukesh Ambani & Shibulal of Infosys :

What matters the most ? Courage or tricks ?

When Suresh BV Bharadwaj of Bangalore, Karnataka compares Infosys CEO , Shibulal with Mukesh Ambani ,CEO of RIL he forgets that Shibulal has not earned his position by inheritance. Shibulal was courageous enough to admit the fall in Q3 gains. He is confident that by sheer performance, Infosys will regain its previous position.Whatever the gain or loss the long standing shareholders had , it is/was on paper. Infosys is/was never in the race of the highest market capitalisation.

While RIL believes in publicity & propaganda games to maintain its market position.It thrives on such ploys only.If the henchmen like Parimal Nathwani are removed from the stock exchange committees , the manipulation of share prize by RIL will stop and the real position of RIL will be evident .

The fact that RIL needs a magic baton to sustain is a sign of its potential weakness and inherent vulnerability to odds.Only the tricks of managing markets & stock exchanges can not sustain a company for ever.The fact that Mukesh Ambani has resorted to this buy back ploy itself is a proof that RIL shares are dwindling . Why should he buy back at the maximum upper limit of Rs.0870/- ? Why not at Rs. 1000/- or say Rs. 1200/-?Why the so called rich cash reserve should not be distributed among the shareholders in the form of bonus share ? The equity is raised & at the same time shareholders are benefited.Mukesh Ambani & his family as well as RIL board members will also be benefited as they too have stakes in the form of promoter quota shares.

i say if Government of India and all state governments withdraw political support and implement all present laws,rules & regulations strictly,Mukesh Ambani & RIL will shatter like a paper palace .i know for certain, the benefits he & his company derived from ‘friendship’ with the present and previous chief ministers of Gujarat . The said ‘friendship’ is popularly construed in Gujarat as ‘CORRUPTION’. If Govt of Gujarat implements Land Revenue Code as it does with other land owners, Mukesh Ambani will perspire in his centrally air conditioned office & bedroom ! If all laws are implemented he will be a prime beneficiary of the hospital run by his family !


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