Narendra Desai : A Real Jewel of India

Mr.Samir Paleja’s article on Shri Narendrabhai is like ‘better late than never’. We have not learnt to respect our ‘heroes’ in time. Though very late, this article has given a chance to readers to know & understand a real jewel.
Somehow Gujarati media including Chitralekha is invariably bound with advertisement & sponsorship revenue.Of course that is an important aspect of an overall management of the publication.But editorial discretion is at stake when heavy weights are in the game.The PR aspect and paid image building takes away charms of journalism , freedom of expression and TRUTH.Many times,write ups are published and impression of ‘out of proportion and justification’ is generated. Articles on Dhirubhai Ambani, Kokilaben Ambani, Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani are few examples.The media invariably perpetuates Ambani Culture which is nothing but a ‘dishonest culture’ which has successfully thrived on innumerable short cuts and powerful base of corruption. Ambani Family has corrupted Indian polity, press and society.Kanti Bhatt,Parimal Nathwani, Shravan Garg are few of the Ambani henchmen who marvel on the eve of Ambani anniversary.
Compare Ambani Family  with Shri Narendrabhai’s family and values practiced by Apar Group.Both of them are Gujarati. Name Ambani and one would first remember Reliance which is the apostle of ‘opposite of RELIANCE’. A Consumer Court in Kerala issued a warrant against Mukesh Ambani.He had to deposit the requisite cash to vacate the respective warrant. This is the beginning. Probably this is the first instance of its type when a warrant is issued against CEO/MD/ chairman/chairperson of any Indian company /corporate house. Ambani is least worried about prestige and image .Shri Narendrabhai would not do anything to risk his prestige ! When prestige & image is sacrificed ,money prevails. Ambani’s greed for money & power is unlimited . That is the fact of the day.We need to review present scenario seriously and chart out norms afresh.
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 8:23 PM
i have numerous inquiries regarding Shri Narendra Desai.Few of my friends have mistook him for our most uncommon ‘common man’ Narendra Modi.Few of them objected vehemently against my comparison of Shri Narendrabhai Desai with Mukesh Ambani.i do not doubt their discretion & integrity.i respect their views earnestly.
My subject , Narendra Desai is a different man.Please refer to Chitralekha, Gujarati Weekly Magazine ,published from Mumbai, Issue 26 December,2011,pages 34-38.It is published as a special interview by Samir Paleja.
As an investigator & critic , i have known & understood Shri Narendrabhai .i feel, Shri Narendrabhai is/has very much restrained himself in giving information about his life , family ,business & company.Samir Paleja should think of writing a book on him .Shri Dharamsinh & Shri Dadubhai Desai are good subjects for biography.
Infact , i had a chance to review a book on Shri Dharamsinh Desai published by a third party with whom Shri Narendrabhai had no connection whatsoever. i was then in Baroda . The book , printed on art paper had glaring printing errors. Innocently, i sent it to Shri Narendrabhai’s office. He inquired, paid for all copies in the market,purchased all copies, requested publisher to buy back books which were already sold, paid for all such copies and then just forgot the matter ! Months back ,i had been on a chance visit to Nadiad where i met a fellow journalist who narrated the incidence to me. i came to know then that the book was published without Shri Narendrabhai’s knowledge. i was awstruck to learn the large heartedness of this man, Shri Narendrabhai.No grudge or punitive action against anyone. Why ? Dharamsinh Desai’s name was there and there should not be anything about him which is not perfect ! That is Narendrabhai’s value based practice.
i have exactly opposite and a very bitter experience of Reliance Industries Limited & Mukesh Ambani The company, Chairman, Group President , Vice Presidents and highly placed officers are all dishonest,unreliable, unethical, arrogant, power corrupt, money corrupt and manipulators of law and entire system.The lowermost employees conduct on a dishonest way charted by superiors. Narendra Modi & Mukesh Ambani need each other very badly so Reliance is sure about Gujarat Govt.’s support and hence legal circumvention of laws and govt. administrative process. i am waiting to receive a notice from Reliance or any of the gentlemen ! They will have a day .i am not the only one.Many South Gujarat farmers are waiting for such opportunity.
In Kerala, Mukesh Ambani could vacate the court warrant by depositing money, but, here , at Navsari ,he will have his lifetime experience.
Narendra Modi is now miles away from principles, policies & values he propounded in initial years of his first term as Chief Minister.Without power & position his value is almost zero .He just can not survive without Government & He is a glorified leader of official maffia in khakhi and civil dress masquarading the state of Gujarat. BJP & its saffron outfits are of no-consequence whatsoever.In Gujarat we have ‘one man party’ rule with a loyal opposition from Congress benches.If you term me ,i am NM’s one man opposition with vehement issue based support to him & his Govt. Except Gujarat Samachar, majority of print & electronics media have ceased to be vox populi.

2 Responses to “Narendra Desai : A Real Jewel of India”

  1. desaibankim Says:

    Umesh Shah
    Dear Bankimchandrabhai , great article.hope , paid media is able to digest your comments on their ” Bikaau ” publishing practice.hats off to you for your bold tirade against Reliance family .Salute for courage to call an ugly spade a spade.About ruling party , there is a saying that ” power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.If you have read news of ex mayor beating up a congress leader , you will know the meanng of saying.

  2. desaibankim Says:

    Bankimchandra Desai
    Here in Surat, during a recent badh call by BJP, Rajubhai @ Rajendra Desai stamped shopper’s shutters by his feet in such a manner that he was short of getting a fracture of own ankle joints ! City news papers flashed his heroic pictures .Now in Rajkot, ex-mayor & supposedly a seating member of municipal corporation flashed out a revolver and in a fashion of a real muscle man or a boxer gave punches to president of Rajkot City Congress Unit.Yesterday one of my senior journalist friends stationed at Anand told me that all musclemen and muscle-women from Congress have joined BJP and have managed to occupy important positions at all levels. These two gentlemen have graduated in Narendra Modi’s BJP Raksha Academy and they are sure ticket winners / candidates in forthcoming assembly elections ! Rajubhai happens to be my relative and I vouch that he was never a congressman. He is a scion of a prominent Thakor Patel family. I know and can tell for certain that he is in politics not to become rich or more rich ,but, to reduce & diminish his ancestral wealth.When he had a golden chance to set a precedence of simplicity ,as a mayor ,his asking for a new four wheeler reduced his family prestige and his ‘Tapori style’ during ‘enforced bandh’ diminished his worth emulating ancestor Thakor Patel’s image. No wonder , Chief Minister of the state has established wonderful norms by disregarding rule of law, his juniors can not be expected to do better than him. Maffia culture is successfully transcending from BJP’s members of parliament & legislative assembly to municipal corporation and panchayat levels. I am proud of Narendra Modi for this too. The day is not far when lower functionaries will disregard courts in open. They frequently do it in camera !

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