Team Anna’s Day 05

  • Today is the fifth day of Anna Hazare’s fast for Jan Lok Pal Bill, one of the initiating measures to fight and improve the corrupt system..Cross sections of people of India has upheld Anna’s agitation. It is spreading to interior villages in all states All political parties are awestruck to witness the extent and magnitude oF people’s involvement. All political parties fear that their ranks might desert them.

    ‘Firefighter’ individuals are assigned to tackle Team Anna.Trusted history-sheeters are assigned to disrupt the movement by all means. All political parties are unanimous on the fact that if Anna’s agitation sustains, their monopoly will be at stake . BJP is worried on learning that people object to presence of BJP leaders and workers in the rallies. Congress is worried about the spreading clout of Team Anna to all nonpolitical organisations, religious bodies and the Congressi vote bank belonging to BPL- below poverty line population in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.Other leaders and their parties have otherwise no face except their presence in both houses of Parliament.

    Lalu-Mulayam -Amar Singh axis has become active. Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi saw USA’s hand behind Anna’s agitation. Other BJP- baiters saw RSS hand supporting the movement. US Senator Mc Cain laughed away Alvi’s and GoI contentions regarding American hand. RSS has for long lost credibility with BJP coming to power in many states. RSS is responsible for institutionalizing corruption in BJP ruled states. Leftists ,too, are disconnected miserably from their ranks and people.

    Sanddep Dixit ( son of Delhi CM Sheila Dixit ) was first to criticize government stand thus censoring his mother’s govt. in Delhi and Congress led GoI. Rajiv Shukla has been a lame duck journalist and a Congress spoksperson. Aruna Roy , NAC member and so called RTI activist as well as a branded Sonia parasite has come out with a mixture of GoI Lok Pal Bill and Jan Lok Pal Bill propounded by Team Anna. As the situation is going out of control and expectations of Congress Party Sandeep Dixit , Rajiv Shukla and Aruna Roy who were silent,deaf and dumb till now have come up on the scene . Narayan Sami shows breach of privilegeof Standing Committee by Team Anna. Lalu Prasad Yadav and Amar Singh , as members of Standing Committee of Lok Sabha,are having the fun of a chance of being saviours of the Govt and Congress ! Neck deep corrupt fellows to fight against Team Anna”s movement against corruption!

    Different and conflicting voices from Congress are nothing but Her Majesty,Queen Sonia Gandhi’s voices permitted by the Crown Prince, Rahul Gandhi. it is on the famous pattern of Indira Gandhi’s style of fixing and sacrificing lamb/s with the”hand” paranoia .

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