Foreign Hand

Hello World,
Congress led UPA-2 ,Government of India is on a way very dear to party since Indira Gandhi’s 1975-77 days. Now Foreign Hand has come up!poor Anna, really, he could not have sustained without this Foreign Hand. At least Govt.of India and Congress Party believe so.Now they will research on who drives a common, middle class Indian to come out of the house, abandon job and join Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption with whatever is there in pocket !

Let us see what media has to report.:
The Times of India :Your take?
Congress hints at US hand in Anna Hazare protest

Congress hinted at an American hand behind Anna Hazare-led protests, asking why had the US spoken in favour of an agitation in the country for the first time since Independence.
Whose ‘foreign hand’ behind Hazare? asks Opposition
By Indo Asian News Service | IANS – 15 hours ago

i say
That it was convenient for Rashid Alvi to forget that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is in the USA for her treatment for Cancer at Memorial SKC Centre ,New York. It was the USA offering her seven star facilities for her, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi & Robert Vadra. It is already alleged that all of them were given green channel facilities at airports -no custom checking, no frisking, no x ray scanning . As per rules of The Homeland Security Department ,no one was/is spared.

That it is unfortunate that her party & be ungrateful in such a short time.That is the height of the character of the leader, party,spokespersons and government.

That the Govt. of the USA has already denied any role in Anna Hazare’s movement.

That it is the principled behaviour of the media in the USA & Europe that the type of Sonia’s illness & treatment are yet not published. The cost and place of her treatment , though known widely, is not published. It is the same free & independent media ( NOT THE GOVT OF THE USA ) is publishing Anna Hazare’s news without any fear.

That Western media respected her request to preserve her privacy . Till now even a paparazzi has not ventured to release any video clip about her hospital stay and movements of her children on You Tube. Govt. of India blocked viewing of a You Tube Video clip showing relaxation of air port check for Robert Vadra .

That Indian media shivers very badly with a mere idea of Sonia Gandhi’s displeasure on any count. The credit is due to the media in the USA and Europe for publishing all details of Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption. Indian media picked up the thread , that has to be admitted.

That Congress and UPA- 2 govt. has to stop inheriting Indira Gandhi’s paranoia about a foreign ( American ) hand in each & every problem Govt. of India faces.Instead of crying foul about non existent (American/ foreign ) hand in present dilemma of own making ,Congress Party & Govt. of India should feel the impact of CHINESE FEET in Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh. The fresh infiltration and further occupation of Indian territory is reported in the last two days. Defence Minister Antony should be worried about this instead of looking into interests of Nehru_Gandhi family and party of one family!

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