Anna’s Medical Treatment

Hello world,

Anna’s Medical Treatment

Emergency Experiences Revisited

4th day,80eth hour fasting ,
strong Anna,lost 03Kg weight,
Running from Rajghat,with police,
Young,robust ,energetic at 73 !

Dr.Trehan with 35 docs examined,
Anna to be fit even if he loses10 Kg ,
No, Anna has no extra fat or calories,
Reserved only for Corrupt System !

Anna’s treatment reminded only,
J.P., Charan Singh and BK’s ill luck,
Not to realize Sonia better than Indira,
Bent to terminate opposition in toto!

Sad saga of leaders dear to my heart,
Makes me cry with tears of blood,
Lost by many on J.P.’s clarion call for
Total Revolution , not much, not less!

Dysfunction near complete , no hope
For both kidneys, J.P. released only
Be shifted to Prasadji’s Colaba house,
I went with Shiv Kumar to see him !

Frail, soft spoken,but disheartened
Thus he said “boys, run away !
Though dear most , leave India,
To survive! No hope for country!”

Charan Singh, released recently,
Told BUJ Press Meet,when asked,
Future plans against Indira ?Party?
“Do I have a party ? Who is Indira ?”

India’s future looked grim,Shiv asked,
“Take your decision.Don’t you know
Indira and her ways? So leaving I am!
I don’t want to be like these seniors .”

I preferred to stay, to live in peace,
HE arranged, Shiv landed in Viena,
Then miracle happened, frightened
Indira lifted Emergency to be floored!

Morarji sworn in PM,hopes skyhigh.
I urged Shiv,“popular govt. has come,
So return to our dear motherland ”.
Prophetically he wrote back to scold!

“Idiot ,you are, yet to learn politics !”
Perplexed I was, no way but to read
his letter,“these idiots have come
together only to bring back Indira!”

It was destined,she returned to stay ,
Only to be killed at home by guards!
History’s bad habit to get repeated,
always stay,Sonia repeated all again!

Bad student of political history ,
I Witness Anna waging war for
Total Revolution, Task left incomplete
by Parliaments to follow in succession!

Another wave against corruption,
India’s cancer in terminal stage, yet,
Resistant to all treatments only to kill
India with Indians to benefit whom ?!

In retrospect I wonder a lot today.
What made J.P’s kidneys to fail ,
What made Singh to lose memory,
What made B.K.critical in Surat jail.

Was there a design to treat badly?
Was there a plot to give depressants?
Was there an order to deprive them,
Of medicines to kill them medically ?

May God save Team Anna ,
May God be kind to Indians,
May God give rulers good sense,
May God save India for Indians .

August 19,2011. 9-54 P.M.


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