Sonia Gandhi’s Illness

Hello World,
Due to my protracted health problems,i could not post my views on contemporary issues.As you all know, AICC President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi @ Sonia is under treatment for closely held secret illness. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N.Y. USA where she is believed to be, refuses to admit that Sonia is their patient.Dattatreyudu Nori, M.D., M.B.,B.S. Professor and Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Medical College of Cornell University is believed to be a close acquaintance of Nehru-Gandhi family for a decade or so.This Weill Cornell Physician seems to be Sonia’s treatment programmer.An alumni of Kurnool Medical College, India and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N.Y. USA , D. Nori was initially named in the western media along with The Memorial SKC Center as focal points for Sonia Gandhi’s Surgery in USA. It seems western media, too, is shown a privacy clause to mute treatment details.But Congress spokespersons and Sonia’s overzealous trust-worthies ,ever competing with each other for her and her son’s favours, have thrown beans at large and the closely held secret is now a very well known open secret.

Sonia and Congress may continue to be plagued by secrecy and privacy phobia. But numerous RTI activists are getting ready to file RTI applications to get the details of expenses incurred by her and her family during present (and previous such)medical tours.Sonia as Chairperson and Member of National Advisory Council is entitled to get all benefits which are due to all Union Cabinet Ministers. She along with her son,Mr.Rahul Gandhi is a Member of Parliament, but,that restricts ( their) benefits.

Sonia is presented , postured, postered and plastered as ‘ TYAGMURTI ‘, a person who has denounced position, power, perks and benefits, has in fact turned into a great hypocrite and power hungry lady.She can not claim now to be a spokesperson of millions of poor and hungry Indians.Paradoxically when many Indians are deprived of basic, preliminary diagnostic and treatment facilities ,she ,as a proclaimed Champion of the Poor ,is wasting India’s foreign exchange for her own treatment benefit.Govt.of India will have to enact a special bill to hide all details of her treatment expenses!

With all fellow citizens of India, i pray for her speedy recovery, but, it is very hard for me to absolve her from her pronounced hypocrisy.

Sonia Gandhi’s Medical Tour in USA has created waves of suspicion, fear, anxiety, worries, tension, rivalry , shift in seat of power and numerous questions in corridors of power.

The unspoken and the most forbidden questions are :

1. What next ?

2. Who after Sonia?

3. What/which is Sonia’s ailment that is untreatable in India ?

4. What are Indian doctors ,then ?

5. SKC, NY is a place for treatment for Cancer . Will Sonia go to USA for every

appointment for post-operative radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

6. Who will pay for her travel , treatment and stay in the USA ?

7. Who will pay for Rahul_Priyanka_ Robert Vadra’s ‘s travel and stay in the USA?

8. Why Dr.Man Mohan Singh was not treated abroad ?

9. Will Sonia’s treatment at SKC, NY or any other seven star facility in the USA not affect adversely
India’s medical tourism industry ?

10. What will be Pranab Mukerji’s strategy in Sonia’s absence?

11. Will Pranab Mukerji accept and tolerate Dr.Man Mohan Singh any more as P.M.?

12. Will Dr.Singh continue to be a regent for Rahul Gandhi , how long ?

Congress spokespersons are jittery while answering these questions.

They are mentally not prepared for following equations.

1.Congress + Sonia with Rahul and Priyanka = Congress + Power at New Delhi and few state capitals =Bread
butter, comforts of power of all congresspersons

2.Congress – Sonia = Rahul and Priyanka + Congress = Power Vacuum at New Delhi and all state capitals
=Hunger of bread butter, comforts of power of all congresspersons

3.Sonia= Congress= Everything for congress persons

4.Rahul+Ahmed Patel+Antony+J.Dwivedi = Congress +Sonia in absentia = Devalued Dr.Man Mohan Singh +Pranab
Mukerji + P. Chidambaram ( labourers on daily wages for getting people’s brickbats and maintaining
status quo )

5. Congress – Sonia=Great orphanage named Congress

6. Congress – Sonia= Ahmed Patel with all the secrets of Nehru-Gandhi family + Keys to Congress khajana=
man friday of future = Great benefit to Narendra Modi= Ineffective Congress = Narendra Modi’s loyal

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