Mukesh Ambani’s Opulence

Hello World,
Media throughout India and world at large got electrified with Ratan Tata commenting on Mukesh Ambani’s ways of life.Then came a clarification.
Ratan Tata was misqouted by media. Ratan Tata or Bombay House or media concerned need NOT be sorry for that. The Media has rendered a valuable service to people of India by showing terrible and horrible disparity of wealth in Mukesh Ambani’s immediate neighbourhood.He has to have eyes to see and heart to feel… He will fail …He has thrived on Indian soil and instead of serving India and Indians in reciprocation , he aims to invest his Indian earnings in foreign countries. Mukesh Ambani is the richest beggar of India who wants to be the richest man in the world ! that is the paradox of 2011.

His RGTIL has cheated farmers in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.While helping the Competent Authority of RGTIL, his RIL and RGTIL officers at Hazira have indulged in activities tentamount to fraud, forgery and cheating.

He has corrupted, covertly,GoI, all state governments , judiciary and administration India. If anyone shows me an instance of any raid or inquiry against Mukesh Ambani or any of his companies , i will try to reward him/her in my humble way.

Our Prime Minister , Dr. Manmohan Singh ,Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , Chairperson of National Advisory Council , members of NAC should come clear by answering the following pertinent questions :They have a typical behaviour of an ostrich vis a vis Mukesh Ambani and his companies.We hope they inculcate enough courage to do so.

1. Who rules India?

2. Why print and electronic media become deaf, dumb and blind on any issue of public grievance relating to Mukesh Ambani and his companies?

3. Why all political parties turn away from the aggrieved land owners?

4. Why P and MP Act, 1962 and Land Acquisition Act are not amended to protect and safe guard the interests of owners of land, adjacent (private as well as public / government) properties?

5. Why the interests of only RGTIL, ONGC, other PSUs and other companies acquiring PERENNIAL USER Rights in LAND are protected?

6. Why the Supreme Court of India and all High Courts are shy in becoming proactive in the interests of the aggrieved owners of land? The SCI has done it in the past in many cases.

7. Why the said acts are only unilaterally binding on land owners as far as responsibilities and accountabilities, at present and in future, are concerned?


9. Why this facade of justice is being perpetuated year by year?

10. Why Mukesh Ambani is so confident about his strides?

11. How he has become the richest man in a very short duration of time?

12. Why he is not subjected to any inquiry in the manner his fellow industrialists and other citizens having doubtful assets are compelled to face?

13. What are the secrets of his companies?

14. Do the Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Justice , Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Company Affairs ,Minister of Corporate Affairs and PMO recognise in built faults in the said acts/laws and rules ?

15. If they do, why they have not rectified them till today?

16. When they will do that? Or they will never do it….

Media in India has for the first time dared to publish a derogatory remarks against Mukesh Ambani. Of course media’s gun is on Ratan Rata’s shoulders ! Otherwise media is reticent in case of Mukesh Ambani and his companies.i am yet to come across a piece by Shekhar Gupta, Prabhu Chawla, A.P of India Today , M.J.Akbar or any editor of any news paper or news channel dissecting Mukesh Ambani and his companies.But he failed miserably to throttle Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook ,Twitter and other social networks. Otherwise he has a potential to rival Hu Jin Tao of People’s Republic of China and Kim ,the second of North Korea.That is a real danger lurking the Indian Democracy and Polity.

We experienced the STATE POWER many times in the past .As i witness, experience and realise , MONEY POWER is superior to state power. It has STATE POWER COUPLED WITH MUSCLE POWER of course in the best available gloves! Today in Indiawe have FREE PRESS. Do you find any criticism of RGTIL and MUKESH AMBANI’s ways any where? WHY? Freedom of press, freedom of expression and fundamental rights are good in books. Mukesh Ambani has successfully eroded the STATE without contesting any election anywhere.Elections are meant for fools. The reign of power is in Mukesh Ambani’s hands…Let him overtake the STATE completely



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One Response to “Mukesh Ambani’s Opulence”

  1. NC Sinha Says:

    Mukesh Ambani symbolizes corruption of the worst kind. But he knows he cannot be touched by the system as he has made enormous investment in it. But this vulgar display of wealth will be his undoing. This gaudiness in the face of abject penury all around rankles and if he continues in this mould, the day may not be far when he will be brought crashing down to the earth. Mukesh should know no matter how high he goes up in the sky, he cannot touch the sky and when he dies he will be buried or cremated on this very earth that he seems to be despising. Ratan Tata does not have to offer any explanation. His observation is well taken and even without his observations Ambani’s opulence has been a subject of discussion at various fora.

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