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Yahoo Finance:
Subject: Reuters’ comment site : Nita Ambani

Hello world,

Cricket and cricketers are now a days the facts of life. Everyone is mad after them. Please read this piece. It is published on Reuters site on yahoo finance .

It seems people are more worried about Nita Ambani when they should be really worried about Mukesh Ambani,RIL,RGTIL,RELIANCE PETROLEUM and his other companies!On one side , i am in dilemma about RIL shares to be called as Blood Shares or Antilia Shares, on other side readers are worried about Nita Ambani’s ways and Mukesh Ambani’s seemingly deteriorated health.A shareholder of Dhirubhai Ambani’s age is worried about Mukesh Ambani’s ‘tear bags’ below eyes and flabby muscles of neck and face.He is yet to see a full body picture of M.A. The octogenerian share holder advises Mukesh to do Yog and utilise Gym at Antilia.Yes, except Anil almost all Ambanis are ‘ heavy weights’ or say overweights and now lifting up the individuals like Bhajji or Sachin Tendulkar and vice versa is a regular part of their effort to reduce and control body weight.

Reader Jimit Shah has some reservations on Nita Ambani’s public gestures and overtures. In previous IPL season she hugged Bhajji, this season she showers her affection, bodily, on Tendulkar ! Both videos are in wide circulation.If Mukesh Ambani as her husband and Kokilaben Ambani as her mother in law have no objections against Nita’s public behaviour , why people like Jimit Shah should lament ?! One has to think about a lady whose husband is all the time away from her ,busy in his 191 Business Relationships’ circuits all the while spinning and minting money thus leaving more than abundant overfluous money for her to spend and squander so that she can speculate not only on cricket but seek pleasures from hugging cricketers also! She provides a classical example of a middle class lady suddenly put in charge of a vault or money chest and thereafter behaving to become a celebrity woman or a page 03 woman. Some times i feel , Nita is competing with Tina anil Ambani’s glorious filmy past and grandeur .Nita obviously forgets that Tina had the filmy past like thousands of film actresses and what Nita has is a status of Mukesh Ambani’s wife.Mukesh Ambani has a status of Dhirubhai Ambani’s son. Any way,by all means SHE IS HIS WIFE and HE IS HER HUSBAND . Let them be busy in their own world and enjoy life in their best chosen way. One is outside, well in the purview of cameras and the other is away somewhere in four walls BUSY IN FINDING WAYS TO INCREASE PERSONAL WEALTH and waiting only for paparazzi …. .
……….and Jimit Shah should inquire what Mrs. or would be Mrs. Bhajji and Mrs.(Dr.)Anjali Tendulkar have to say about this hugging business ! Both ladies must be smiling and expecting fat packets for them to squander somewhere else in the same manner of Nita Ambani… So page 03 game continues to prove that the whole world is round and we are all a part of that circular jovial circus… Let Shobhaa De and Chetan Bhagat write something on this Nita topic…..Eventhough i am a medical doctor , i consider myself a layman in behavioural science. i think sexologist Dr. Prakash Kothari, Dr. Mukul Choksi , Dr. Raees Maniar and Dr.Pankaj Naram are well equipped to say something on Nita Ambani getting hot or (let me put it colloquially,) ‘garam’ on stadium ground…… So over to them……
Yours truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Surat 395002
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102
Reader Jimit Shah should recollect past events. Anil Ambani married a film actress, Tina Munim.By all standards she was not one of the costliest heroines as per their prevalent rates for acting in one Bolliwood movie. But as compared to Nita’s parents’ financial and social position, Tina was definitely far ahead. By all standards unmarried Nita was a girl from upper middle class with all mannerism restrictions that go without saying with that economic and social class. When Anil married Tina, Tina had glamour and grandeur which was absent in case of Nita Mukesh Ambani. The comparison and remarkable difference was unavoidable. Nita could not have any answer for that. With the passage of time, after Dhirubhai Ambani’s death and Kokilaben Ambani’s advancing age made Nita really independent of all inhibitions. The make believe restrictions and inhibitions evaporated. She undertook a publicity campaign to create a status for her. She started her school. She has Antilia to project her image, courtesy Shobhaa De and management of Sunday Times and The Times of India. She secured services of a popular vernacular magazine Chitralekha (Gujarati) to project her as Numero Uno. With the help of Lord Meghnad Desai she secured an invitation to address a select assembly at the London School of Economics (LSE). She tried to prove that she possesses extraordinary intellectual capacity along with a very fat purse. She forgot that her past academic records belie her present attemptat LSE and elsewhere .She is now on the highway to become a philanthropist without any real philanthropy of any kind..IPL gave her golden opportunity. She failed to exploit this chance. She could have maintained her grace. Instead she slipped into histrionics.Tina Munim has successfully established her new identity as Tina Anil Ambani and Nita Ambani is reverting back to Tina’s past public image, once opposed and condemned privately by her along with Mukesh, Kokilaben and Dhirubhai…….and there she is today…..
Edited 25 April 2011


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