Mukesh and Anil Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s success leads us to think, what he and RIL can do, why any Govt. owned company can not do? The reason is SIMPLE, it can be construed that what RIL, RGTIL officers do for their master,can not be done by Govt. employees! Govt. employees, at best, mint money safely, without being caught ! Mukesh Ambani’s officers are very well trained in UNFAIR PRACTICES. They know how to handle all situations ! They are miser than their master ! They are cold blooded as their master ! Experts par excellence !All of them are very confident about their ZERO accountability, responsibility and auditabilty to Indians and India.They consider Govt. of India and all state govt.s as their own convinient administrative machinery . Elecred representatives are their agents & brokers .So, why to worry at all ?
The result is BAD NAME for AMBANI family in particular and India general. Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani are two sides of a million dollar coin.Coin is one. Anil Ambani could not save his CEO Gautam Doshi. The poor ‘white collar gentleman’ will now languish in jail in the company of ‘dirty collared criminals’ and will enjoy luxury of mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and rats the essential commodities of any Indian prison. Our question is; in such an eventuality who will go to jail to save Mukesh Ambani ? Parimal Nathwani is a Member of Parliament . He enjoy’s protection without performing any duty.No duty to perform, responsibilty to none and all our MPs and MLAs enjoy multiple, endless rights . Parimal Nathwani is no exeception.Who is the next ‘white collar gentleman’ to be axed? Let us wait . Let us see . Let Mukesh Ambani go to Tirupati Balaji, Ranchhodji at Dwarka and Shrinathji at Shrinathdwara and bribe our GODs as he is used to do with our the highest and the lowest elected, reigning GODs !
My problem is different. i and my friends possess RIL shares legitimately bought from money,hard earned and saved with great difficulty. We have genuine , antic shares with antic signature s, not like the fake ones ,once in circulation amongst medicos treating the ‘tribe’. what shall we call them: Blood Shares or Antilia Shares in the fashion of Blood Diamonds and Zimbabwe Diamonds?! We are a puzzled lot. Please enlighten us . Shanti Bhushan can not do that, because, he has found himself on a very slippery slope, after that much publicised Declaration of Assets in Anna Hazare’s company……..


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    Mukesh and Anil Ambani | Desaibankim’s Blog

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