Mukesh Ambani,RIL,Record Profit

Mukesh Ambani needs to be congratulated for excellent performance of his flagship company. Being a member of a greater family of Reliance stake holders , i love to count the profit which would be percolated to mein the form of a bit higher divedend.As one of the victims of Mukesh Ambani’s RGTIL, i feel that his profit performance is just like diamantaires earning fabulously from ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘ Zimbabwe diamonds’. Mukesh Ambani’s money, wealth and profit performance is due to objectionable and unfair practices amounting to fraud, forgey and cheating by his very responsible officers who are empowered to file affidavits in various courts including the Supreme court of India ,on behalf of him and his companies.Mukesh Ambani may fly in seventh heaven , but he is yet to experience God’s wrath . For him money is only God, but, for God there are several creatures beside Mukesh Ambani & his family to loof after and care for. He is a face less individual having no courage at all to face Ombudsman and Public Audit.He can manage judicial officers & judiciary . Let us see, how long he manages God and His justice.
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102

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