Barkha Dutt and Indian media

Hello world,
as you all know Barkha Dutt has earned enough notoriety by her association with Spectrum Rajas and other members of India Inc.Her involvement was thorughly exposed by Nira Radia Tapes. She is ‘naffat’ to that extent that she went to India Gate as an NDTV journalist to create ruckus about leadership of present Anna Saheb led India Against Corruption agitation. She was lucky enough that she was not manhandled by the angry crowd.

No wonder people hooted & shouted Barkha dutt and NDTV at India Gate.We should not expect any thing from Barkha Dutt or any other media men/women who are all used to perks, gifts, comforts and hard cash from politicians, govt. bodies, India Inc.They go by the rate card .Precise to say,” rupees per column centimeter or rupees per second of TV footage”! Mukesh Ambani and Nira Radia are believed to have gifted Barkha Dutt a flat in Manhattan, USA. For what?

Media spreads disinformation, misinformation and anything but information. They are experts in creating news, planting stories and file table stories in the name of investigative journalism. Time has come for India and Indians to see news papers only to know who is alive and who is not! We as a nation should rely more upon Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, You Tube, wikiLeaks and now IndiLeaks!

We have make believe Freedom of Press and Expression.No media will publish anything against corporate houses or party in power or political leader at the cost of revenue in the form of advertisements, gifts and hard cash in the form of under/over the table transactions.Money has replaced Ethics , Truth is replaced by Untruth, Facts are replaced by Propaganda,Investigative journalism is replaced by readymade table stories to blackmail the target!


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4 Responses to “Barkha Dutt and Indian media”

  1. Rohan Says:

    She is a bitch………….

  2. desaibankim Says:

    Kamalakar Deshmukh:

    Every sector in India appears to be corrupt. More so is Indian media. I would put it this way, they are most responsible for the rampant corruption in India because the report stories selectively. Why the whole media is keeping mum about this incidence?
    What would happen if this happens in BBC?

  3. desaibankim Says:

    Bankimchandra Desai:

    Barkha Dutt may be one of the proprietors of NDTV. May be she holds major secrets of NDTV. May be she has capacity that no one else in NDTV has.Any way she has survived the storm and as of today she is an NDTV person. She deserves congratulations for her positive & negative skills.She has not replied any of the issues pertaining to her integrity, honesty, ethics and character, professional & otherwise. No other media person has grilled her as she is fond of grilling other persons! May be ,other media persons at large think that today it is her turn, tomorrow their turn might come! So respect a colleague & help by acts of professional omissions.

    Our system works in a typical & identical mode. The boss at the top fixes the target.It is passed on to hierchical junior to pass on in turn to the lowermost person in the ladder.So if one is caught red handed,everyone up & below sits tight and try to salvage the colleague in trouble. If the stakes are high and if there exists a possibility of the culprit giving in , he/she is compromised.If anyone tries to garner undue parceling, then he/she is fixed any day.

    Imagine a Chief Minister or Prime Minister fixing the targets. It can be a pure administrative & development oriented time bound target or a crude graft target to be fulfilled on a daily/monthly basis. The person handling the graft mode is termed a voucher or a cashier.The pure administrative mode is supervised by the taluka/block/district head.In every field including media this system works.Now media is galvanised by advertisements, circulation and revenues from blackmailing ! Every scribe aspires to be an owner of a four wheeler from day one! The boss is concerned with the result oriented targets. The slogans ot truth or other ideal is for keeping a favourable & fashinable logo ! Till you accept the mode and abide by it ,you are permitted to do whatever you like . The respective field can be a news paper establishment, a T.V. channel,a co-operative sector enterprise, a private company, a political party, state or central govt.One is permitted to do everything nicely so that the local or ultimate boss does not get a bad name! Kanimozi will protect her dad ! A reporter will shield the editor. The editor will look after the interests of the proprietor.The Chief/ Prime Minister will worry for the needs of party supremo ! This is the simplest modus operandi known to every one, including the poorest of NREGA beneficiaries ! It is flowing in our blodd. For every Indian , the time has come to ponder the following questions.What shall we do then? What should we do? What can we do?When will we do? Where will we do?How will we do?…..

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