Lord Meghnad Desai’s interview

With thanks and gratitude to The Indian Express Limited ,Vivek Goenka, Shekhar Gupta and editors of The Indian Express ,the Copyright holders , for reproducing few excerpts from the interview published on April 01,2011.

“Development fine, but ’02 ghost will linger’: Lord Meghnad Desai

The Indian Express: Ahmedabad: 01 April, 2011, Page 05

Lord Maghnad Desai appreciated Gujarat’s development under Narendra Modi’s Chief Ministership and in the same breath he categorically maintained that BJP strongman’s prime ministerial aspirations could only be realized if he ‘comes to terms with what happened in 2002’.He sees a possibility of Narendra Modi being a good man and if he becomes a good man then and then he can be a prime minister of India! Lord Meghnad Desai means to convey that all the prime ministers India had were good and they had not a past which can be termed as bad.

Lord Desai was in Ahmedabad to deliver convocation address at the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). It seems he was deeply disturbed, as every one else is, to say that one should not forget gross injustice unless there was proper reconciliation adding it was not happening unfortunately. “Getting justice in India is very difficult if you are a victim of the powerful. It again does not mean that we should forget injustice”. He was sorry to say that justice had not been done even in 1984 Sikh massacre
cases in Delhi and killings of Muslims in Mumbai during post Babri demolition riots in 1993 when Sharad Pawar was chief minister. He said it was shameful that Indian political system had forgotten these incidents. “Forgetting injustice is very difficult and there can’t be one sided forgetfulness”

On recent appeal by Maulana G. M. Vastanvi that Muslims should leave behind the 2002 riots and move on, Desai said the issue of forgiveness arose only when there was a demand for it from the side of those considered guilty. ”Let people from the other side come forward and say sorry for their guilt but unfortunately that has not happened.”

In absence of evidence to get Modi convicted under law, he said, ”Modi as well as BJP have still to explain whether events of 2002 in Ahmedabad,Vadodara and Surat were justified as a reaction to what happened in Godhra, or do they think it was a failure of law and order ?”

“If Modi and BJP felt that post-Godhra killings were right and a revenge for Godhra, they should come out and say so openly,” Desai said.



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