Comments on Lord Meghnad Desai’s interview

It is very amusing to read Lord Meghnad’s candid views. Narendra Modi is a neo-Gandhian and Meghnad Desai is a neo-Shahabuddin! Congressi Gandhians are sick of Mahatma Gandhi and for them Nehru_Gandhi is the only ‘aphrodisiac’. For logical and suitable political reasons, Narendra Modi has embraced and hijacked real Gandhi. Meghnad Desai has excelled in his balancing secular views but, he has forgotten that Muslims at large have now sidelined Shahabuddins, Madanis, and Bukharis without anybody’s telling. They realise that past is past and if they remember it as Lord Meghnad does, it is not he who will remain backward in all respects, but, they will certainly miss the train. Maulana G. M. Vastanvi is not a five star academician. Lord Meghnad has seven stars to his credit! Maulana Vastanvi’s feet are always on the ground and that ground is nothing but hard reality. He is a real cleric who has imbibed lessons and tenets of Holy Quran which says TO FORGIVE ONE AND ALL and SEEK HIS SHELTER. Maulana Vastanvi is not a hidden politician as Lord Desai is. It seems Meghnad Desai has transgressed the delicate line of academia and unnecessarily indulged in politics of India. He should instead bother about the credibility of London School of Economics (LSE) which has recently earned notoriety for awarding PH.D. to doubtful but moneyed/ well positioned individuals. i remember an instance of Nita Ambani’s lecture at LSE. Those who know her caliber were taken aback and shocked to know about her lecture. i pray that it was not ghost written and plagiarised! i hope, Lord Meghnad’s present MICA visit is not a gesture of reciprocation for arranging Nita Ambani’s lecture at LSE to establish that wealth and intelligence have converged in her for good. Lord Desai provided a click only!

It is very funny to see Lord Meghnad Desai lamenting upon injustice and failure of Indian judicial system to deliver justice .He is in cognisance of the plight of agriculturists due to Mukesh Ambani’s RIL, RGTIL and RELOGISTICS in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In the text of the interview, if he replaces (a) Narendra Modi and BJP with Mukesh Ambani, RIL, RGTIL, RELOGISTICS and (b) Muslims with agriculturists, he will get a clear idea! Yes, it is difficult to get justice, specially when you are a victim of the powerful like Narendra Modi and Mukesh Ambani. Now, days are not far when victims of Mukesh Ambani and others alike immolate themselves in front of courts. There are numerous cases of suicides and immolation in front of govt. offices. The turbulence of discontent will definitely strike one day High Court as well as Supreme Court of India. One needs intuition to know it beforehand. The judges are sitting in comfortable positions and till now they have not thought of this eventuality. Pakistan though fractured due to its inherent contradictions owes its survival and today’s existence to its Judiciary. Can it happen in India? The petitions by Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhusan, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Ram Jethmalani are nothing but ICCU treatment of Indian Judiciary and thereby of Indian Polity. Will the patient defy the doctors? In sheer desperation i would rather say that Afzal Guru should be hanged not for attacking the Indian Parliament ( that is being regularly done by our MPs & MLAs), but for failure of an operation to eliminate the most hunted crooks ( no one spared) en mass ! India and Indians would have been relieved to the utmost extent on such a successful operation!

Lord Meghnad Desai may not be aware of the largess of lands and govt. patronage to Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, RIL and RGTIL. They have been awarded lands at the throw away price. The price they have paid is many times lower than the juntry rate which is applicable to all citizens. This favour is not free at all! The difference between the actual price paid by Ambani and juntry rate, the difference between the prevalent market price and the actual price paid has, time and again, gone to the drain of a ruling party and loyal opposition. No chief minister and no party is exception. i disagree with Lord Desai on incorruptibility of Narendra Modi. i say and affirm that Narendra Modi is the most corrupt chief minister Gujarat ever had. His corruption is hidden, sophisticated and polished! One has to see the way the officers of Ambani, Adani, Tata, Torrent, Nirma, Essar, L and T, ONGC, GAIL, and KRIBHCO conduct themselves in govt. offices to believe the sphere and dimension of Narendra Modi’s corruption. They just take govt.employees ( IAS, GAS, IPS not spared) for granted! The reason is simple. Their masters (industrialists) have taken care of Sonia Gandhi, L.K. Advani, Narendra Modi etc. and tackled them in a very satisfactory and amicable way. They manage media very well. The congressman present during Dr. Kalsariya’s anti-Nirma delegation’s meeting with Narendra Modi would have disappeared immediately from an agitation against Mukesh Ambani or his company. Mukesh Ambani et al manage judiciary, too. That is the real development people like Lord Meghnad Desai refuse to seize of.

Lord Meghnad Desai is yet to know the plight of govt. employees. He should ask Narendra Modi himself about the dismal position of outstanding salaries to be paid to various govt. employees. Now it has reached the extreme when an employee caught in a bribery case tells the investigator,” what else should i do, when i have not received salary for months?!” Even employees of department of justice are not paid their salary in time. The front view of every witch is beautiful, but, what about her rear view?

Lord Meghnad Desai wants Narendra Modi and BJP ( chaddiwalas implied) to say “sorry” for their acts of omission and commission and seek forgiveness and forgetfulness from Muslims in particular and non- Muslims at large .He forgets that L.K. Advani paid respect to M.A. Jinnah and virtually lost everything. His voters were short of giving him a very hard kick for his hypocrisy and hobnobbing with super thug Asaram. Narendra Modi banned Jaswant Singh’s book and today only he knows what has happened to that after Jaswant Singh’s return to BJP. Jaswant Singh paid dearly for his tryst with his ‘published ideas’ and lost the coveted position of leader of opposition. Narendra Modi is not a fool to repeat this sort of mistakes. Till now he has used others’ shoulders to climb up. Only fools & idiots look back to the stepping shoulders, the glaring exception in Narendra Modi’s case being L.K. Advani and C.R.Patil!

Maulana Vastanvi is a wise fellow. He did not wait for the culprits and moved forward.
What is wrong in that?

Despite massacre of Muslims by Hindus and killings of Hindus by Muslims over the years ,since 1946-47 and in spite of disgruntled fellows ready to divide both on religious lines , both have suffered ,survived and learned to live together in peace to progress jointly and severally. That is due to inherent tolerance, democracy and political system we have accepted and sustained .What more Lord Meghnad Desai want from us, Indians? Please leave us alone on our fate. Be seated in your ivory tower and bother about UK and Her Majesty’s Govt. which is today nothing but relegated and extended dashboard of the USA.

People like Narendra Modis and Shahabuddins are better than Mukesh Ambani and other industrialists. India Inc.have corrupted one and all. Communal hatred and violence are preferred to corruption that has almost devoured all political parties and the State as such. They are real enemies of India, Indians, Indian Democracy, Indian Polity and Indian Judiciary. Mukesh Ambani has corrupted media in toto. Freedom of Press and Expression is in law and constitution books only. If no one publishes any protest material, where the protesters will go? Is it worthwhile to have the fun in make believe freedoms? The situation in India is in no way better than that prevalent in countries undergoing “jasmine revolutions”. Brutal force of a ruling dictator is a much better proposition than the remote dictatorship of a person like Mukesh Ambani, Sonia Gandhi and Prakash Karat who enjoys all fruits without any responsibility, liability and accountability either to parliament or people.

i am likely to incur the risk of court contempt, harassment by politicians and de facto rulers of the land. India and Indians are first, and then comes a person. If i fail to make explicit warning about what has been said and written between the lines, i fail as an Indian and a journalist and that is not acceptable to me.


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