RGTIL / RELOGISTICS Victims United :19

Hello World,
Despite protests from land owners ,the Competent Authority of RELOGISTICS held Sec. 6(1) hearings at Kakinada. Even though he received my notice in time, he lied and acted as if he has not received it. More over he stressed that as Mukesh Ambani has signed a deal with British Petroleum , the CA is in hurry to wind up all hearings at the earliest and declare awards ! In the first place Mukesh Ambani is a private individual . He owns RGTIL / RELOGISTICS. The gas company is his private gold mine having daily revenue of 25 millions of US Dollars ( as per 2009 estimate !). British Petroleum is a multinational oil giant. Mukesh Ambani and BP have signed deal for making a huge profit. They have not done this deal for charity to India and Indians.

The pertinent question is , ” why farmers and land owners in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra are compelled, coerced to give away the RIGHTS OF USER IN LAND with a “throw away” compensation ? Why Govt. of India and state governments in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu bend forward to help Mukesh Ambani in all respects ? Why High Courts in these states and the Supreme Court of India are “day blind’ to day light ‘loot” ? Have Mukesh Ambani and his lawyers mortgaged the entire judiciary ? Where is the JUSTICE ?

i quote from
The Sunday Express :
Idea exchange : 27Feb 2011.
Maneesh Chhibber : “Punjab has among the better land acquisition policies in the country.How did you go about it ?”
Sukhbir Singh Badal : Dy CM Punjab :
“In the last four years , we have acquired around 10,000 acres , but you would not have heard even the slightest protest.Land is a poor man’s only asset.Even top industrialists want free land, they want to acquire land from poor farmers. In our state , the farmer comes first. Our Deputy Commissioners , a committee of local MLAs , sarpanchs decide the market value . Besides we give thirty per cent of the value to the farmers as dislocation allowance.lWe also give some percentage to prevent litigation.Now, the farmers are after us to acquire their land “
i unquote.
Please donate generously to help the richest beggar of individual progress and prosperity : MUKESH AMBANI to become the richest man in the world !!


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