RGTIL : Victims United : 18

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The Land Acquisition Act 1894 was promulgated during British Rule to facilitate the crown’s designs to prosper at the cost and risk of India and Indians.Neo Britishers like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru prefered to maintain status quo as more or less he replaced the British crown and the Britishers.He was a classical pseudo in all respect. In Keshav Deo Malaviya he had a trusted ‘sepoy’ who introduced the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act 1962 to benefit oil and gas exploration by foreigners and their Indian players. The Britishers improvised the land laws of Acharya Vishnugupt ( Chanakya) ,Raja Todarmal and Shershah Suri in initial stage and later on the amendments of Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad , popularly known as Maharaja of Baroda.The penal code was a bad copy of Code de Napoleon and Hammurabi Code. The pitfalls continued as and when the land was acquired .Such land acquisitions violated though silently but in a very manifest way all other prevalent laws. Judiciary was hardly independent of the executive . Politicians called the shots and now a stage has come when the remote control is in Beijing and the arch enemy of India can torpedo evrything that is Indian.

RIL, RGTIL, Relogistics, ONGC, HPCL, BP, BS etc . will have to answer basic questions raised by Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti , a legitimate precurssor of All India Committee of Agriculturists and other Citizens affected by Reliance, RGTIL, Relogistics and other companies.The responsibility and accountability starts from the day the Pand M. P. Act 1962 was introduced.

The District Collector of Navsari sent a simple letter to (Principal) Administrative Officer of RGTIL advising and requesting him to invoke his (RGTIL’s)powers vis a vis the P.and M.P. Act 1962. The moment he/she invokes susch powers RGTIL(Mukesh Ambani)has to give undertaking in the lowermost court of law -The court of Mamlatdar (Navsari Rural) at Navsari. The best legal brains of India and even the Supreme Court of India can not save him and thus all such industrialists and companies.

i publish the English translation of the documents pivotal in a very silent and low profile revolution at the grassroot level.Please read, study , apply your mind and give feedback to me at ‘ ARNEH “, 03, Mahadevnagar Society, Near Majura Gate, Ring Road, Sagrampura , Surat 395002 , e mail ; desaibankim@yahoo.com , cell Phone : +91 9426187102.
Free English translation from text in Gujarati:

Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti
C/O Bharatbhai Maganlal Naik
At & Post AMALSAD,
Taluka Gandevi Dist. Navsari
Tele. 02634-272368
Mobile : 9825054700.

Date: 06-12-2010.
By Registered Letter AD

The Collector,
Navsari District,
Jilla Seva Sadan,
Juna Thana,
Navsari 396445

Subject: Anticipatory objection to mutation in Record of Rights Village Form 7 & 12
(“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”) showing URL User right of land in favour of
Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited

It is submitted with respect

That gas pipe line is laid in the agricultural lands of Gandevi Taluka of Navsari District. The members of this Samiti are the owner/occupant/ agriculturist/ co-owner/ administrator.

That due to the said gas pipe line, each respective land is bifurcated into two or three rendering the regulations under the prevention of bifurcation act meaningless. But neither RGTIL nor Govt. of Gujarat has clarified till to date. the said land is bifurcated and the smallest part of the land other than proposed land for right of user in land has become economically nonviable due to prohibition of growing trees and utilizing it for any construction .If we want to sell that economically nonviable portion to our neighbour, we

Sd. /——————– Dt. 06-12-2010
Dispatch Clerk, Collector’s Office, Navsari
Tal.Dist , Navsari Pin Code 396445

are not in a position to do so because the gas pipeline is laid under the P & M.P. Act1962 which does not mention/refer to the violation of prevention of fragmentation act, rules for bifurcation and sale of an economically nonviable portion ( of the bifurcated land ).

That there is no mention of any of the future responsibilities & liabilities of the company acquiring right of user in land under the P & M.P. Act1962 .This is not judicious (& fair), because the provisions of the act under which the land is acquired mention only the present & future responsibility & liability of the land owner , the breach of which would
explicitly shows criminal offence attracting the provision of fine and /or imprisonment. At the same time the company has not settled yet the claims pertaining to the damage/s due to company’s (project) work in the land under right of user in land. There is no mention of RGTIL’s liabilities & responsibilities in the instances/events of (impromptu lowering/submerging of the land), water logging or the damage to life of land owner, neighbour, passer by or the property thereof due to gas leakage. Therefore we will be rendered helpless & won’t be able to do anything, if the company refuses to own its liabilities & responsibilities.

That the issues pertaining to compensation for crop, trees, and issues beyond supplementary panchnama and land owners’ land are still pending at present.

That if the company is not attentive in redressing our problems at present, we are sure the company’s attitude in future will be definitely autocratic.

That it is not judicious that under the pretext of the P & M.P.Act 1962 lacking in provision for repairing/compensating damages done to our neighbours and govt. roads etc. by the company’s project execution, the company is laying all the responsibilities on land owners.

That on the basis of “railway freight corridor”, the company should buy/purchase the economically non viable fragment/s of two/three fragments of our land resulted due to gas pipeline.

That the compensation of our acquired land should be paid on the basis of current market price and it should not be on the basis of present “juntry” rates. The company has not paid the interest of the period between the actual date of acquisition of land and actual date of payment of such compensation. By such whimsical/high handed acts (of omission & commission) the officers of RGTIL have inflicted tremendous financial & psychological damage to us.

That the company should provide the farmers/land owners all the details of names and addresses of owner/s and responsible officers as well as the details of company’s shareholders, so that in the event of pending suits as well as other issues, at present in future, we can institute civil and criminal proceedings against them in their personal as well as company’s designation’s capacity.

That the company as well as the govt. should inform in advance regarding the change in ownership of the company so as to enable us to file suits for settlement of our pending claims and cases.

That it will be imperative to inform us, the land owners, prior to affecting mutation in record of rights (in favor of the company) by sending/serving individual 135 D Notice to each of us .The procedure of issuing collective 135 D Notice through news paper advertisement is not acceptable to us., because, it is not necessary for each of us to read news papers.

That the same practice should be adopted in case of RGTIL, too, as it is done for affecting mutations in record of rights in the event of land owner’s transaction with banks etc.

That it is our general understanding that the revenue department does not have to follow/ function according to the gazettes and notifications of Govt.of India & Govt.of Gujarat. These notifications/gazettes does not have (or offer) any solution/s for (multiple) problems arising (due to this/such projects) in farmer’s/land owner’s
practical (day to day) life. Please note with this anticipatory objection letter that there is no provision in land revenue code life for giving any special favour to RGTIL or any other company.

That the court stamp of Rs.03/-is affixed on this anticipatory objection application/letter.

Yours faithfully,
(For) Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti
Sd. /—————————
(Bharatbhai M.Naik)

Free English translation from text in Gujarati:

District Collectorate, Navsari.
Navsari, dated 30-12-2010.

Chief Administrative Officer,
Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited,

Subject: Anticipatory objection to mutation in Record of Rights Village Form 7 & 12 (“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”) showing URL User right of land in favour of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited

This is to inform regarding the aforementioned subject that President of Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti in his application submitted to this office dated 06-12-2010 requested to take appropriate steps to take cognizance of the anticipatory objection & (simultaneously) seeking stay on mutation in Record of Rights , Village Form 7 & 12 (“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”: details of other rights & liabilities) showing URL User right of land in favour of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited for the area wherein the underground gas pipeline is laid in the agricultural lands of (villages of) Gandevi Taluka, of Navsari District. The original application (mentioning) objections are enclosed herewith. It is requested to take cognizance of the same and appropriate actions be taken towards your rights.

(By instruction of Collector) Sd. /- ——————
On Behalf of Collector, Navsari.

C.F.W.C.to :
Shri Bharatbhai M. Naik
President of Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti ,
Res.: At & post AMALSAD, Taluka Gandevi for information regarding your application
dated 06/12/2010.

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